Thursday, 16 June 2016

What's with the cut?

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France versus Albania - Euro 2016

Been wanting to show-off my brogues *-*

Home early, just in time for the face-off between France and Albania. I was happy to slouch on the couch ready to enjoy an evening watching the host nation slug it out with Albania in the group play. After the usual hand shaking and this time some sixty seconds silence observance in respect of a murdered French policeman with his wife, the line-up was shown. Before then, when the players and officials assumed the pose for the customary anthem, I remember looking them over. I remember making a snide remark about Nigeria's Super Eagles not being as cute. I remember recognizing Patrice Evra and feeling the sense of pride that I hadn't lost touch after all - been inconsistent with following football but I still know my people. Sadly, his was the only face that registered.

Then the line-up list of France flashed across my TV screen. Bacary Sagna's name jumped out! Of course I know Sagna (wella in fact) but I DID NOT SEE HIM DURING THE ANTHEM RECITAL!!! If I am naturally inclined to betting, at that moment I would have dropped my last million dollars arguing over Sagna's presence on the pitch. I mean where was his eye-catching trademark dreadlocks? What's with the cut Sagna?

Sagna was on the pitch alright only his unmistakable locs had suffered some terrible fate :(

One could argue he looks perfectly responsible sporting a low but this is not the 'Sagna-brand' I know. A total emotional disconnect. No face recall whatsoever. The change wasn't even subtle!

Now you'll probably understand why negative reactions trail companies' sudden decisions to change brand names/logos. It is a different thing when modification occurs with product packaging/content (all these still have their down sides) but a total name change or logo overhaul? Are you Google? Even Google, as strong as its gravitational pull is still put out a video to the public to explain and justify reasons for such logo redesign. Consumers are wary of change no doubt but where there is a shared thought process, negative reaction is quelled.

Re-branding is a very radical decision which signifies the end of a brand; like a full stop to what used to be. Equity will be lost and all prior investment gone. Making this sort of decision should be because the brand CANNOT continue as is because it probably has a negative equity. To re-brand would then mean to offer a completely re-engineered brand. It is more of a re-definition; a re-position or a re-start. Are there pointers that your brand needs an overhaul?  Is the branding outdated? Have your products or services changed? You are not reaching your target audience or you are simply preparing for growth?

I read an article by Mark Sommer who proposed four critical questions that should be asked and carefully weighed before going this route...
  • Why are we proposing change? What are we looking to stop? What are we looking to start or gain? Critical brand decisions need to be underpinned by robust investigations of cause and effect.
  • What should our customers look to us for – and can we deliver that, or improve on that, in our current form? This is about quantifying what is possible within the brand structure that you have and what lies outside/beyond the current core.
  • What will we be able to do as a result of this change that we have never been able to do up until now – and how do we know that? It’s one thing to see the possibilities, it’s quite another to realize them. This is about making sure that the logistics of what you can deliver will marry with the brand changes you are proposing.
  • If we took a more/less radical approach, what would we gain/lose – and would that be worth it?This is the trade-off for change discussion. It helps you determine the level of brand change that’s required and the differences that varying levels of investment will enable.
There is something called 'Brand Integrity'. You will do well to have few tweaks here and there in order to preserve that existing integrity. Don't lose us along the guided!

P.S It would seem the hair shaving started last year, Honiilols just caught up on that ;) 


  1. Instagram changed their logo and I hate it! Same thing with YouTube years ago, I hated that. Maybe I just don't like change ;-)

    1. IG stripped that gorgeous camera naked! Skin after skin they peeled to the ribs. I weep for the skeleton the logo has become! Totally flat!!

  2. My IG account is still the old one ooo
    I am not a football fan but i will swear that he isn't the same guy as per Barcara. Thanks for educating us on the brand alignment.

    1. Exactly my first thought too. So imagine my shock when I realised it was indeed him. I'm glad you saw the actual point of this post. Hope you find the tips useful.

  3. Your brogues look stylish, preppy chic. :-)

    Alas, I am not a football aficionado, sounds like Greek to me sometimes, but I can relate with the passion for sports.

    Lol @ "only his unmistakable locs had suffered some terrible fate" That was so witty.

    I agree with you, people are somewhat loyal to a brand because of some sentiment attached to familiarity. Even the most loyal customers don't like to be caught unawares by surprise changes.

    But as with most things, change sometimes requires some getting used to.

    1. Oh well, resistant of some sort would usually follow changes by a set of people if not all. In the end, everyone would have to adapt or the 'unhappy' crowd can decide to switch - that would be the real test of loyalty.

      I'm glad you also noticed how preppy chic my pair of brogues is. I like that phrase btw, "Preppy chic". It's got a very nice classy ring to it ;-)

  4. I dare to say Lola.. that the 2 most important "Brand Related" posts i have read all my campaign on Blogger yeah.. I read on your page. 1 about "WHo Google says we are".. and now this.

    I can totally relate to this post.. considering that I am totally changing my personality from the ever PLAYFUL DURU to the more structured leader and goal getter Duru. Has this been easy?! Not so much.. as many first perceive my change to be a result of pride and new life stats, as against understanding that "change and growing up are inevitable".

    I forone believe that in life yeah.. Whatever a coy or individual does.. should first be to his or their own benefit before that of the consumers or followers.. if not ehnn Ore mi.. i fear the coy or individual will spend their entire lifespan pleasing others.. LIVE FOR YOU... LIVE FOR HEALTHY GROWTH.

    This was a very informative piece.. I clicked on the "Informative marker" as well. Thanks for sharing Lola.. You be real PR Manager. xx