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I am naturally an emotional person and when it comes to the state of health of people I am over emotional and concerned. One day this past week as I walked by Ojuelegba on my way home I heard an ambulance blaring its siren and right there was this stubborn driver who parked stoically on the road blocking off the ambulance from making a detour into the adjoining road. I stood and all my senses nudged me to throw a stone at the guy but before I could do such another well meaning Nigerian sprung into action and no he didn't hurl stones at him, only walked up to the driver and told him to make way. I was really really excited to see a concerned Nigerian doing the right thing. God bless that man who stood up to save another - that could have been precious minutes to whoever was being transported for emergency treatment.  
This ties nicely into something that has been strongly on my mind and therefore brings me to today's post #AWA - Age Without Achievement. 
In your own words, what is achievement? To me achievement is simply a great deed to a fellow man and in my dictionary it is synonymous with impact.

A gazillion lot has been said about making impact; using your God-given talent(s) or picked-up skill(s) to positively brighten the lives of others. What is impact exactly? Let's start by creating a little understanding of this English word...

For the purpose of this post, focus will be on above definition but without the 'research' - simply put impact contributing strongly to someone or something(society)/having a strong effect/influence on someone or something. Now to the question: what influence do you have on anyone? How is your lifestyle patterned and skills exploited to create influence?

Truly there is hardly any man in fact no man on the face of this earth without a talent regardless of what his beliefs are - it is just as everyone is being blessed with the gift of sunshine. 
God has given us ideas and wisdom that no mortal man can gainsay so what's stopping you from performing some miracle with it? I haven't asked you to become the President or Bishop head nor have I said you should become the owner of 20 businesses right now but in your own capacity do the bit you can to make another life better, enjoyable and fulfilled. All of the degrees bagged should be channeled to creating businesses and enabling environment for others to thrive. I have read diverse and countless stories of people doing big things around the world that I personally ask myself what my achievement has been. My degrees? My posts? My father's house?  The way I see it the greatest achievement one will have will come through ones gifts and passion definitively. I currently do not own any business that employs other people. I currently do not support any specific initiative that support the development of others but randomly in one little way or the other I contribute to worthy causes. Hopefully someday I'll start my own shelter for the nimble but in the meantime this is how I am influencing my small circle of influence. 

So tell me @ sixteen; @ twenty; @ thirty; what are you thinking? 

Owning a 1001 closets filled with trendy shoes and bags? Don't get me wrong I am a fashionista myself.

Touring the entire continents on the planet?

Working tirelessly to reach top position for the sole purpose of earning megabucks?

Knowing all the ladies/guys intimately such that you know how Miss/Mr B smells?

All these remain right and on point except for the last point obviously *thumbs up* but what is life with mere material things? I repeat,I haven't asked you to become the President or Bishop head nor have I said you should become the owner of 20 businesses right now but in your own capacity do the bit you can to make another life better, enjoyable and fulfilled.

The oldest man mentioned in the Bible is Methusela. What was his achievement? Don't fall into that category. Never age without impacting your world. Say no to #AWA and choose to age with achievement ;-) that's still #AWA right? Define your world and in this case your words...


  1. very apt article. The need for we as individuals to look beyond ourselves and see how we can be beneficial to our immediate environments or larger societies cannot be overemphasized. I know the system in Nigeria makes it seem that looking out solely for yourself is the sure way to progress, achievement, accomplishment and fulfillment in one's life but the system couldn't be more wrong.

    I try in my own little way to be of meaningful impact to my society and this has seen me join 'impact oriented' organizations and also make my contribution to the development of Nigeria. Hopefully, in years to come, I'd be able to make a bigger positive impact in my society and yes Age with Achievement is a priority for me. Funny thing is that when you take a critical look at developed nations, they thrive not because of their advancement in technology, rule of law et al but also due to the individual and noble efforts of its indigens.

    Thumbs up for the article Oyin.

    1. Thank you Chrisyinks, I couldn't agree more with you. Beyond the technological advancement a nation's real progress is in the noble deeds of her citizenry that rub off nicely on another.
      One simple prayer I've learned to pray is "God bless me that I may be a blessing to others"

      Cheers to all the brave men around the world who give their small/all to make life beautiful and worth-living.

  2. Oh Wow! this is some deep post oh Lola! I mean it literally has juices of inspiration oozing from left right and center.. iLikeyy.. I heard a quote one time.. and it struck a nerve in my lekpa boRRy.. A quote that went something like "I Refuse to die an unlived life"- Eric Thomas/ Truth is Nne.. No one can ever achieve "anything" that can be said to be of unperishable value in this life yeah, unless he or she is/has making/made the life of another someboRRy relatively beRRa.. That in my perspective hacSHually is making a difference.

    So what if we are young?! So what if we dunno what we are doing with our life at this very moment?! So what if we don't exactly have all the money in the world?! So what?! Because whether we agree or not.. Our Actions are due to our choices and our choice to inspire and make better the life of another is all that truly ever matters.

    Thanks for sharing Lola toh Fine, Blogger toh Sure.. Ore mi toh Jasi.. :) this was a very inspiring read.

    P.S: Whoop! Whhhoop! HarmaTTan eezz upon us Baby!! aYam hexSCited to teh Tee... heheheh Ehen.. Before i come and goan forget myself.. Janyl put up closing instructions for the challenge eh.. and you should read it **wears Fine boy smile... We made it Lola.. We are at the end.. hehehe I am so proud of you my child.. **Feigns old and pats grey hair in place while walking away with walking stick :)

    1. Whhoop! Whhoop!! I cant Keep Calm Lola toh Sure! Oh Ore mi... I just CaNNot friGGing afford to not Try to not seem to be in aTTempt to be Keeping Calm! hehehehe I cant wait for THE gist! plus the hall looked like everyone was in Sync with teh hexScitement.. Yyyyyaaayy! We cant wait for the post! **Winks..

      **Clears Throat! So this comment is called Intellectual Interogation for information.. **Wears Inspector Gadget Smile..

  3. Very touchy one
    Sometimes we just sit down and count the days and years with very little to show for.the numbers. Nice reminder hun, always good to keep things in perspective.

    Hope you're good?
    Saw your comment about the 15 for 15... and felt bad that I haven't been checking in to see if you are holding up well.
    Tell me it was just laziness and nothing grand :)
    Take care hun

  4. Why is blogger selfish with the likes button. Lovely articles you got

  5. This post is speaking loudly to me and it gets my 1000k likes. Our impact doesn't have to be huge as long as you are making another life better.

  6. So finally I had reverse to comment properly. Your post hit home and very inspiring. If only we all look beyond ourselves perhaps the world will be more habitable.

    Selfishness is inborn to some degree in each one of us and if only we can walk around with the understanding that nothing lasts forever it will be great and refreshing.

    There is usually good in everyone if only we won't be selfish to serve ourselves only. Giving is the proof we have overcome greediness, no wonder tithe was introduce by God to check on us.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Laughing. Thanks Immanuel D'dream. I was going to refute what you said about selfishness being inborn then I thought about it unemotionally again. There's some dose of 'me' me' 'me' in every man and we sure have a part to play in ensuring that selfishness becomes genuine generosity.
      Thanks for dropping by...again!