Wednesday, 26 August 2015

15-for-15-Challenge05 - The bug bit me too

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Nah not that kind of 'yamayama' insect bug that causes some itchy uncomfortable feeling. It's another kind of bug; a very beautiful bug that leaves one feeling passionate about a thing, happy about that same thing and super proud of the results that emanate although I am fully aware also that interests can be fleeting but who knows, this one may just last!

So what is it? I've been badly bitten by the natural hair blog. Did someone just make a victory sound? For the longest time ever I have wanted to cut my hair - blame it on all the years spent in primary and secondary school 'cornrowless' devoid of girly curls like many pretty girls had. I enjoyed those days of hair-liberty when I could freely pour a bucket full of water on my sparse hair. That carefree attitude one had dunking in and out of a big river or reservoir of water. *Arrrrrrrrrgh* It was sheer bliss to feel the touch of the tiny blue tail comb against my scalp unlike the sharp edged 'ilarun' you would have to endure sitting between the legs of Mrs Adanma or Mama Suliya just because you needed to make 'patewo' as called on the assembly ground by the Head Teacher. Believe me it was great joy knowing my weekends would be spent reading Mills & Boon or any other captivating stuff and not have to wait on a very long annoying queue while the other girls got their hair styled. Low cut meant punk for me in those days or simply skin pronounced /skeeeen/. I wish I could whip up one of my oldies so you'll have a look-see at the kinda girl-boy I was. Fast forward undergraduate days it didn't come as a shock to me when the thoughts burst forth from the recess of my mind to go on that journey again and this time it was to be a deliberate and intentional decision not because the school forced me to go on low cut but alas my folks wouldn't let me. They believed it should be my husband giving me permission to be weird. I say 'weird' because at the time the bug hadn't caught on deeply so a lady at my age would have looked off on such low in the midst of people but January 1 2015, I became my husband...

I cut my hair!

Experiences have shown that I can be very impulsive but that decision was definitely unexpected as at 31st December 2014. So yes I am on that train now #teamnatural #naturalista and I'm trying to learn all I can about feeding my hair but mehn all the daily AM and PM and weekly and monthly routine are quite religious o. This time going on skin didn't come up as an option - you know why. My hair journey started with Anita Baker cut which I still permed and styled as I liked then the relaxer addition ceased at some point and I turned to texturizer application but that also took a deep plunge with more knowledge gathered. I'm not about to turn this to a hair blog as I'm not sure I even want to chronicle every inch growth but maybe once in a while I may just show off some new tricks I pick up from hair-blog whoring. I have subscribed to a couple of bbm channels but I absolutely love Natural Hair Product Review managed by Ellen who blogs at kinky Nigerian curls

To keep my hair healthy I have done & will continue to do the honey +  egg yolk mixture as I have also developed a hair regimen as well as wash routine.It's pretty simple.

Mornings I moisturize with water and apply Castor oil (I'm sticking to one now so I know what works best for my hair).

Evenings I do the same and seal the moisture and oil in my hair by using a satin scarf.

Twice a week - Wednesdays and Sundays are my wash days when I use the honey mixture which I apply first before washing with shampoo or ordinary conditioner. Then I use deep conditioner, wait a couple of minutes -----> rinse -------> apply leave-in conditioner ------> There are various terms used but you can always read up to get familiar.

So here goes my picture no particular order

01/01/15 Boyish huh? ;-)

Look @ me not 'em & definitely not the waste basket *covers face*

May '15

A bit of tuxturizer here

rocking my Anita Baker

Straw curls thingz ;-)

As life isn't a bed of roses I expect this journey to be bumpy. It's gulping a bit of dosh already. When the hair throws some tantrums let's see how determined and prepared I am for the haul.

Are you a #naturalista too? What care tips do you wanna share? That's obviously directed to the lady sir :)

Typed. Edited(I think). Delivered. My fifth piece in the 15-for-15 Challenge themed woman; her body, soul and spirit

PS - 'ilarun' is a type of local comb, usually brownish with very pointed tips used to part/cut hair into sections by hair stylists.

'patewo'  is a local hairstyle too which literally means 'clap' your hands'. It was such a popular hair style for girls in secondary school those days in this part of town.


  1. I really want to be a naturalista but I'm totally scared cuz my hair got its own mind and cutting off my natural weave on is tough. hard to do but love you like this- cool, tomboyish and beautiful! used to love low cut until I was treated like a teen at a camp where I was a coordinator to teens- embarrassing cuz nobody believed until 2days later when my records were brought.

    1. Hahahahahaha for real @ being treated like one of the teens...

      I know that feeling sis. I can totally relate. Low cut automatically halves your years in looks so people tend to have that perception that you a youngster. Did they apologise afterwards?ndo

      Maybe you should consider transitioning instead of just chopping off the relaxed ends. That may take longer but you still have your hair length to admire. That blog I shared its link really has some amazeballs tips, your hair-fears are normal but I assure you solutions dey. You can Google too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as always. Who's keeping you awake btw?

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you sir. Glad to have you here. Did I keep you awake too?

      These comments and no of reads made me realize people don't sleep in Lagos..."Oyinlola what are you doing wake up!"

      Random question - How does an average/not so average person his day?

  3. Oyin, I love that shoe in the 2nd pic - I digress even when u said we should look at u and not the "waste bin" *tongue out*
    Meehhn! I've been wanting to transition to natural. I got up to 7months without relaxing my hair but then wedding calls and I had to look bridely. I'm challenged I tell u, I was just having a convo with a friend of mine on BBM yesterday cos we started together and hers has grown beautifully. I think I'm not visiting the salon anymore to relax my hair, not anymore! With u by my side, it's all victory! Nice post as usual!

    1. Oh my days! You let 7 months of good work vavavoom like that? You should come on Instagram or just check out natural hair brides from bridal sites, you'll be wowed. Now that I know you have a burning interest we shall tread this path together. You & I ;-) and thanks for loving my pair of shoes maami.

  4. Oh Wow!! Lola When you started off with the "I cut my hair" ish.. I was like oh no! **In Toins voice.. fadalawd.. But then going through the picSHurs made me realize that **takes off wrist watch.. We met this year! Wow!! Just wow!!! or was it the last?! cause sincerely nne.. I have always known you with hair like this... Its amazing isnt it?! How a person I only just met could matter so deeply to me **covers face.. Yopu Rock Nne..

    Yyyyyyyaaaaayyy.. If this is what Team Natural looks like ehnnn.. then Please.. Future geh Friend.. Abi wife sev.. *8In Lagbaja's voice.. Whereeverrrrr you are.. Berra goan cut your hair oh!! So you can be a fine geh SomeboRRy like my Lola toh sure.. Blogger toh fine... and the crowd goes.. Uuuuuuuuuuuu :)

    1. Duru make a comment that wouldn't get a chuckle off you? Impossible! Hello to you too. Signing-in to work...ciao!

  5. Welcome to he club... I went natural for most part of 2014 and early 2015 and then retouched my hair around February(I still regret it). I'm back to the natural hair journey.

  6. Natural hair was made for you baby!
    And to think how fast your hair is growing out! What were you doing braiding all along?
    I am envious and continue to remain on the "how I wish I can go natural" cruise.
    Keep shining... And spending; time, effort and money*insert smile*
    I pray God this bug stings for ever and oh yes, you can call me evil on this one*insert another smile* ***make that a wink***

    1. You should have seen my face glow and that ever-ready-smile stretch from end to end. Thanks beautiful *inserts kiss* I know I can always turn to you for some hair nutrients as I do makeup **winkwink**

  7. Don't know/think this natural hair bug will bite me oh, I'm just too lazy coupled with the fact that my relaxed hair is healthy cis I treat it right... annnnnd I have a bit of ocd when it comes to organised places/things/everything. If my hair were not relaxer straight, I might go mad using my fingers to straighten it soooo.... I'll cheer you brave ones.

    You look amazeballs hunnay.

    1. Laughing @ your OCD for organized stuff. You can't achieve that kinda straight with natural hair. I admire your hair health wasn't something my relaxed hair enjoyed. How have you been maami? Your lil man?

  8. Dear writer, from your Anita Baker experience, would you say this style tend to make a growing up girl-child a tom boy looking?