Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Them or we...who leads?

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Leaders of tomorrow 
We were called
But those who were
Are still today
Myopic ones
Who would go all the way
For term elongation

Our kinds are ones
Encouraging our young
Of what they might be tomorrow
Our kinds are ones
In our homes that provide at most
Two square meals,
Oft times, one

But their kinds are ones
Whose young school overseas
Whose meals, sumptuous
Whose wardrobe allowance, lavishly luxurious

They seem oblivious
Of the day of reckoning....

But whoever over stays
History shall judge, wickedly and fairly...

Written by Dr. Bm


  1. Yyyaaaayyy aYam first to comment.... :)

    1. That being said.. **wears Cheeky smile.. Its crazy ba Oaga Boss.. How they wanna die in power.. But as crazy as it is.. Its also VERY VERY Logical.. They get crazy wardrobe allowances.. cart home a minimum of 20 Million a month.. Get to go on Trips and live fat off my Tiny PAYEE Tax, and the VAT and WHT that our coys pay.. They eat heavy for free.. Who would want to give up that life for the mediocre basic lifestyle?! Who wouldnt want to die in the reigns of power at the site of such affluence?! You Dr. BM?! Me JdB?! nahhh... Its sad Boss. Its sad cause when i do get to the Ministry of Power and Steel yeah.. I would want to be the leader of yesterday oh, Today oh and even Tomorrow and join sef, just as they do now.. Will it ever stop I ask?! Will this senseless cycle of recycled leadership EVER stop?! Well not until there is sanity in the state,... Not until these ridiculous allowances are cut down.. and not until Ben and the lots who preach humility today and ditch twitter for their paychecks later are made to understand that they were voted in to serve and not to rule.. The Journey is far sir.. But it has indeed begun.. ShoutOut to GEJ and his cabinet for the FOI Bill... :) There is Hope... and teh crowd goes.. Yyyyeeaaah mehn!

    2. Hehehe. U re funny, bro!

  2. But the greatest reward isn't in how much you have garnered to yourself and insatiable generation but in how many souls you have touched with your good deeds. If only they will cover up their excesses with good deeds or governance.
    Thanks for the visit Oyinlola


  3. On the issue of wardrobe allowance, these are the kinds of news wey dey upset our doctors and lecturers and make them clamour for increment in their salaries and better welfare. It is obvious that these politicians are about the only ones enjoying the benefits of going to school and exploiting the wealth of this country!