Friday, 17 April 2015

15-for15 Challenge03 - When the flared billows...

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Yeah, which panties shall we find???

Welcome to my third piece in the 15-for-15 Challenge themed woman; her body, soul and spirit. Guess what inspired this title! This morning I was on my way to work; walking yeah - for now though *loud Amen to that* As I walked through Motorways before Daystar Church, of course there were vehicles zooming pass carrying with them heavy breeze and the next thing I knew my peplum blouse was flying in all direction leaving my stomach bare to the scrutinizing eyes of all that walked past me. I tried severally to hold the flared part in place but as the vehicles wouldn't stop raising air, I just left the thing to fly and passersby to enjoy the show...nothing to be "unproud" of *winks*

This actually brings to mind something my mama used to say to us as growing girls (four of us). She would hammer on our wearing pristine white undies all the time. My mum would always check our panties to be sure there were no holes, no discoloration of any sort as a result of improper washing, no dark stains...nothing unappealing to the external eyes in short and do you know her reasons for doing all these? She wanted us to practice good hygiene, true but the point she emphasizdd was, "If you mistakenly get into a fight now or you fall and people try to help you and in the process rip your clothes, what do you want them to see you wearing underneath-dirty pants? Dirty brassiere?" I was never one to get into fights or trouble of any sort, but I used to have asthma attacks that went out of hand so I imagined being rushed to the hospital and the doctor needing to unbutton my shirt, what color of ***** will he find? So ladies, be intentional about the choice of lingerie you wear.

The original title for this post was "which panties" but this morning's experience made me tweak it a little bit so let's tow that original line now...

One thing I dislike for shizo as I am sure a lot of other people dislike too especially guys is to see panty lines through clothing of ladies. Yes they look and they see those visible, bulging lines too. Gawdammit!They ain't sexy at all especially when you have a pencil skirt on or a bodycon dress. How do you avoid this fashion faux pas? I'm just going to briefly summarize from knowledge I gathered through research...

1. Understand your backside shape. True, we always preach that before you can make progress on challenge, you need to understand the root cause of that problem. This better helps in the solution you proffer. The backside has cheeks and every pant's elastic causes some sort of indentation which results in the visible panty lines people see. So it is best you understand your shape to be able to decide if to wear a full panties (mostly suited for slimmer people) or a high cut panties (best for fuller people).

2. Use the right fabric. Spandex and elastic have proven to be the best choice because they firm your butt and don't show any wrinkles unlike cotton panties that squeeze up underneath causing some "unsmooth", funny look through your clothing.

3. To-match doesn't always work, choose a panty color that blends with your skin tone. If you are wearing light colored sheer fabric, it is important to really note this.

4. Just "thong" it. Do I get a yes? Let me make a confession, before now I never used to do thongs - days of flared skirts and oversize clothes but these days, with me in my huggy clothing, thongs is the way baby. This is what professionals use. I never thought I would get comfortable in thongs, but here I am. I don't even have to worry about any line visible through my skirts or dresses.

5. And if you are brave enough, go commando!

So that's my little bit in making the ladies more pleasant to look at *winks* Help another sister out, do share the information.

You can also read up some more on how to avoid VLPs HERE and HERE and all thanks to Google of course, for the images...

Have a beautiful weekend people, me I am ready to partyyyyyyyy*girls night out*



  1. I like the last one - 'Go commando!!'

    1. Mr S, going by that title you are obviously a man so I understand why you would like commando *winks*

      Please visit again and share more of your thoughts. Danke

  2. �������� this my baby will not kee me.
    You had me on the floor... Like kilode. ����
    I'm curious tho. What exactly do you mean by "commando"?
    I'd like for you to be more elaborate just so there's no confusion.
    Further more, id like to commend you on this hilarious write up. You have a rich variance to how you write..,I like that a LOT.

    Plus you can do a lil sontin sontin for us men.
    You know we have a habit of rocking boxers for a whole week!

    1. OluwaNeo, thanks swits. Glad I got a good laugh out of you ;-)

  3. Nice one dear! Pls don't encourage 'commando', I personally don't think it's sanitary.

    1. Maybe we should look at the other side of going commando, that should make a good read. You can also share your reasons for saying it's unsanitary and we will turn that into a guest post...

      Let's talk via email on

    2. I'm a commando fan anytime anyday cuz it makes life easier. Hubby doesn't like it so i do more of thongs. Panties gave me rashes and serious infection, doctor advised airing the place especially when you wear too much tight clothes. As long as the red ain't calling, commando and thongs loh sure ju.

  4. Interesting one there, it is quite upsetting and so not sexy to get to work on a Monday morning ready to concentrate on work and here walks in a colleagues with her panty line showing all over her ass...i always ask myself, "is it that they don't know or what"... just this past week went out with a lady friend and one thing lead to another and we got on the same topic and she says she prefers going commando when she wears jeans comfortable can that be?..weird...women, fearfully and wonderfully made beings..

  5. The panty linning irritates me badly, i hate being caught in it, trust me ,thongs are not my thing too but i had to get professional with it,since i can't go commando*smiles*, yeah you are right about the low waist and high waist panties.
    By the way,beautiful,stylish,creative,unique write up, more grace to you darl.

    1. Osheeey and Amen. I appreciate your dropping in, please don't go silent o now that you broke the jinx. Hugs babe

  6. I have this colleague with big ass, always coming in to work with heavy panties linning walking all over the place, i summoned up courage to tell her and all she could say was 'buy me new panties now' , i was pissed and said are you not getting salary. can you imagine that?
    so a lot of ladies do know but they just don't give a damn or care.
    Imagine some still trying to do,to match undies in this day and age,hian!!!! when you should be bothered about the fitting under your clothing.

  7. Finally! Someone is talking about it. Thank you, for braving this often ignored topic which we get assailed with everyday, everywhere, regardless. Truth be told, its quite irritating when I see those pant lines. And with that sheer leggings most ladies are wearing these days, it makes me cringe when I see that bulge through them suggesting a sanitary pad is jutting out of line. Even as a guy, I hate to see my tucked in shirt unevenly spread on my backside. For the life of me, I do not understand why some ladies wont take the pains to notice these fine details. Rather than concentrating too much on those fake nails,fake eyelashes, and fake many other things.
    Honilols!, the image of that lady wearing the pink hooded sweat shirt on point (3) though!

  8. My panty lines being advertised to d world is not my thing at all.....kudos honeymix 4 sharing dis babes up ur game! Join me in doing d thong tingy n going commando!! *winks* 150% comfy.....

  9. Well that was an interesting read...!

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  11. Replies
    1. Merci maami. Happy to see you up 'n' blogging!

  12. LOL @ commando, choi!!!
    Thanks for posting this...very helpful.
    I love your top in the picture :)

    1. Thanks pretty, I'm getting some tips off you ;-)

  13. I say ''yes'' to thongs. Great post.

  14. Phewww.. **Cleans sweat! For the first time yeah Lola. I dunno what to comment. **Covers face. **Light Bulb.. Oh Yeah I know now.. I hate seeing those lines when i look at womens behind as they pass by. Its usually a Nooooooo moment for me :)

  15. Lol! I reserve me comment...

  16. Going commando is the real deal... Hehehe oyin won't kill me oh..