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They are just random, quite simple questions you can find answers to. Let's see how resourceful you are and who will actually take time to give me correct responses...

1. How many goals did Christian Ronaldo score as a player in Manchester United?

2. Who was the last man to walk on the moon?

3. What is the title of the book Dr Suess wrote that made him win a bet against his publisher?

4. In which country was beer not considered alcohol until 2011?

5. What are the colours of the rainbow?

6. The only planet not named after a god is?

7. List 12 multiples of 12......(any range but should be in ascending order)

8. Pig is to piglet as spider is to -----------------?

9. Snake is to reptile as frog is to ---------------?

10. Bison is to walk as kangaroo is to -----------?

11. Goose is to flock as fish is to ----------------?

12. Penguin is to Antartica as panda is to ---------?

13. Which countries border Nigeria to the North, "South", West and East?

14. "Ceebu Jen" is a popular dish in -----------------?

15. The first ever post on Mindplosive was written when?

16. What is Don Jazzy's real name?

17. Which song did John Legend perform at 2015 Grammy Awards? Who did he perform with?

18. Malala Yousefani is from which country?

19. The full meaning of A.M. (time related) and OPEC is?

20. Fictions are true life stories. True or False

21. A normal human dentition is how many permanent teeth?

22. Mention only two miracles that Jesus Christ performed in Capernaum(Please include the Bible passages for easy reference).

23. Herod the Great and Herod Agrippa 1 are one and the same. True or False

24. How many times did Nigeria's President elect run for the office of President before he emerged winner? State years.

25. The king of Afrobeat is ---------------------?



28. There are how many countries in the world?

29. A hockey team is made up of ----------- players which comprises of -----------, --------------, ---------------- and ----------------

30. What is the theme of my 15-for-15 Challenge?

31. What is my nickname?

Winner (the first person to answer all correctly) gets N31,000. Sorry I meant N3,100 worth of airtime plus a book of your choice(I hope my book supplier will find it). I would have added another zero to the naira but nnma men, "31" is the only important figure ;-)

Happy Birthday to me... :-D  More grace. I am favoured in the field and in the city. Blessing surround me. Thank God for another year, for great family, for amazing friends turned family, for my readers and commenters. Y'all rock!

*I shall update with the pictures of my birthday cake later*


  1. Happy Birthday Lola.. Wishing you long life and Prosperity... Yyyyyyyyaaaaaaayyy I am first to comment gang. Ooosssssshhheeey Turn uP!

    1. Hehehehe Duru o. Your comment is cracking me up not because you showed you'd funny side but the fact that you COMPLETELY ignored the questions. No acknowledgement whatsoever... *lwkmd*

      Thanks for the birthday wishes dear, God bless you more.

    2. hehehehehhehe I didnt read the post that day nah! hehehehehe I never Blo once its Past 8 am... **Covers face.. Oya lemme try and answer the kweshions :)

      1. Aha! How am i supposed to know?! Am i his Diary?!

      2. The man That worked after all the men that walked after Neil Armstrong :)

      3. Mbok who is Dr. Seuss?!

      4. Kweshion for the gods.. :(

      5. Aha this one is Simple nah.. ROYGBIV.. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet.. Osssshhhheeeey turn uP! **Pops Collar. (i really did oh) Thank GOD for short vcut Jss1 cramming **Shines teeth

      6. Mcheew.. I copied Geographjy in NECO.

      7 (oya I peeped teh comment below small, so i will not go and embarass ma self) 12, 24, 36, 48, 56, 68, and so on and so forth... ( my Oga just gave me an assignm,emnt and it just 7:45 Am.. Will breeze through the rest)

      8. Spider Woman nah :)

      9. I think its Amphibian.. (kai I will fail plenRRy of this thing ehhhnn **Clean sweat)

      10. Hop or Jump or Gymnastics or Excercise :)

      11. Mchewww.. Lola Fear god.. Which kain kweshion be this.. even that teaches us English will not know this one nah :(

      12. Its official You are Wicked... Dont evenn try and Join WAEC and set kweshion oh! :(

      13. Where is my babe Google oh!!!

      14. Korea.. North Korea to be precise.. **Pops Collar hehehehe

      15. **Deep Sigh... It is well

      16. One igbo Kwenu name like that

      17.. I dont care jo.. But that Alll of Me ehn!! it always has me thinking of Wajilda.. Kai i like that geh that time ehn.. **Holds Heart in Pain..

      18. **Cleans Sweat.. Can we sort this course?! Whats your selling point?!

      19. I have forgoRRen

      20. False nah

      21. 32 but if you fight too much while growing up.. You willhave 26. #Dasalll.

      22. Biko Ask she is my Partner Pastor in crime :)

      23. False.. I was a Gee in CRK

      24. Oya lemme count.. That guy get Faith pass Abraham.. 2003, 2007, 2011, and 2015.. Yeah that 4.. Pops Collarsssssss

      25. Fel nah.. Oh! Okay becuse you went to the shrine we will not come and hear word again ba.. hehehe **Winks..

      26. ForgerrI! my Brain is on Speed mode :)

      27 pursuing woman nah :)

      28. Egbon I am 23 years 4 months and 17 days old.. Plus i copied Geography in Neco.. How am i supposed to know biko?!

      29. Can I phone a friend in USA.. Please borrow me your phone.. I havent bought credit since last Friday..

      30. Woman Wahala.. SomeRRin related shaa..

      31. Aha.. Pops Collar first.. Honilols toh Bast nah :)

      Omo.. **Breathes out in Relief.. When i was 31, 000 i almost deleted everything and satrted again oh!.. hehehehe happy Birthday once Again Egbon.. You are a blessing to us all.. And that we loF you is beyond words.. This might haf Typos.. But I cant reread cause my Oga is near me.. Oya Bye.. i have a presentation to finish before 9 AM. And Shingbain I haf not started.. I hear a Big man SomeBoRRY is coming.. So i will now suffer the suffer.. **Crying in French.. Oya Bye bye.. Pardon my Typos mbok :(

  2. Here are the answers:

    1. 118

    2. Eugene Cernan


    4. Russia

    5. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet

    6. Earth

    7. 12 24 36 48 60 72 84 96 108 120 132 144

    8. Spiderlings

    9. Amphibians

    10. Hop

    11. Shoal

    12. Asia

    13. Niger(North), Republic of Benin(West), Cameroon(East), Chad(East)

    14. Senegal

    15. August 2013

    16. Michael Collins Ajereh

    17. The Song glory with the artist Common

    18. Pakistan

    19. ante meridiem and Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

    20. False

    21. 32

    22. Casting out demons, Luke 4: 31-36, healing of the paraplegic, Luke 5:17 - 25

    23. False

    24. 4 times, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015

    25. Fela Anikulakpo Kuti

    26. 90

    27. H is Missing

    28. 196, with Taiwan or 195 without Taiwan

    29. A hockey team is made up of 20 players which comprises of 12 forwards, 6 defensemen, and 2 goal tenders

    31. Woman: Her spirit, soul and body

    32. Honiilols

    Tope Lawanson

    1. ...and someone finally takes the time to answer all my "witchy questions" like a friend called them but he decided to make the answers 32. Sir T, wetin happen na? Fast forward already?

    2. Now marking...
      11. School...was that a typo?

      where is your "North" answer to no 13?
      27. Is D playing chess on his own???? Of course he is playing with H.

      So H was playing chess!

      29. 11 players make up the hockey team just like a football team and you have defenders, midfielders, forwards and Goalkeeper as you have mentioned.

      Thanks for the Bible verses in 22, even I didn't know those *tongue out*

    3. "South" answer I meant. Notice the way south is written in the question which means there is something different about what's to the south of's not a country but it is something-Gulf of Guinea. The inverted comma was just a slight hint.

      Shoal and school? Well, I guess my brain is fixated on school as it has been since primary school days.

  3. 1. He scored 118 goals for 'em!
    2. That should be E. Cernan, I think!
    3.Never read it but its green egg and ham.
    4. Russia
    5. Red Orange Green Yellow Blue Indigo and Violet
    6. Earth of course
    7. 96,108,120,132,144,156,168,180,192,204,216,228
    8.Spiderlings or hatchlings too at times...
    9. Amphibians
    10. Hop
    11. School (I prefer that sa)
    12. Asia
    13.North is Niger, for south no country except the water replubics west is Benin and East is Cameroun.
    14.Senegal (not that's 1 hour spent on ur questions already, are u an interviewer?)
    15. January 2014?
    16.Michael Collins Ajereh
    17. Glory from the movie Selma with Common
    18.Its Malala Yousafzai and she is from Pakistan. (U are welcome)
    19.ante meridiem and Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
    20. False
    21. 32 now or 55 if u are adipele LOL!
    22. Healing the paralytic Matthew 9:1-8 and Money in the FBC (Fish Bank of Capernaum) Matthew 17:27.
    24. 4
    26. 90
    27. H is Missing
    29.11 Players and comprises of a goaltender, defenders, midfielders and forwards.
    30. Woman: Her spirit, soul and body
    31. Honiilols

    This is more difficult than my JAMB exams ooo

    Happy birthday Oyin. Called but ur phone was off or something. Don't just share cake pix, send my cake.

    1. Osheeeeey. O try gan o. My first post was in August 2013 jor.

  4. Okay so since everyone decided to read and not answer the questions, I shall reward only those that dared.

    Sir T, even though you got some wrong, you get the winner prize. Please let me know your favourite book or any you wish to have and your preferred know how to contact me ;-)

    @ Olusola; I shall send you airtime too but no book *hehehehehehe* Please drop your email address with preferred network.

    Of course my lovely Duru, movie ticket? I'll buzz you with the details.

    Gracias people.

    1. Mummy Lolaaaaaa...I want book too joor, or beta still give me d movie ticks,,,duru won't mind!! Lol...this is pashiaaaaa oooo...buhari must hear this!!

  5. Lol, as to be witchy witchy questions

  6. That was quite interesting to read, with the answers.

  7. And so, I got the prize for being the first to answer the "witchy questions". Brain-tasking, they are, but you gotta admire the mind that conjured them up. Interesting piece and learnt some more things in the process.
    Thank you, Honiilols. May the Lord bless your years ahead.

    1. A resounding "Amen" to that pastor. Thank you.