Thursday, 9 April 2015

Lagos...yours en mine

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What will I be without Chiboy? Today I got home and was still too excited to pull my sexy, slightly see-through tunic. I did a parade in front of my mirror for full 45 minutess bringing to mind every lovely comment I got during the day. From afar girls smiled, men whistled; old and new...all at my delectable look. What will Lagos be without "Chiboy tops?"

Wednesdays and Fridays are the perfect times to get good materials as they open bale. With less than N2000 I can get 4-5 beautiful blouses. Yaba is our spot, Chiboy is my scot and lot.

What will Lagos be without Chukwuemeka? 2a.m I am shivering and puking. No hospital in sight not even a dime to charter cab through the night. Great 'Emeka the chemist knows all the right drugs and I don't have to pay immediately either.

What will Lagos be without Alaba. Apapa. Idumota and all else? They do all the shady and all the unshady too. For my spec, I know I can get cool electronics not exactly "chacha" but close to "chacha" at a very reasonable price too. They have some exquisite grade A stuff some of us would buy and feel like kings and queens in our own right.

What will Lagos be without Iheanyi? Nna my guy knows all the correct money-making businesses - from transport business to commerce to building/construction materials. His hustles are real. His investment is big.

What will Lagos be without him?

I speak for that young school girl whose only shopping arena at the moment is Yaba, Westminster - Apapa, Vesper or any of such places she is confident of getting amazingly good deals. I speak for that man whose neighbor is the great chemist skilled in the art of giving the correct medicine (This is not in any way aimed at encouraging self-medication or over-the-counter drugs but truth remains some folks will never be quick to turn to hospitals first for any kind of ailment treatment).

I speak for everyone else who enjoys one benefit or the other from our Igbo brothers proudly known for their zealous and enthusiastic business skills...

We can argue who has created the most wealth in Lagos, that is far beside the point- do we even have to argue it? I mean do we ever argue which of the five senses is most important? Let no one sow discord or bitterness in our hearts. Lagos is yours as much as mine as we have the right to vote who we desire. Don't play ethnic or religious politics! Do your part, do it well and be sure to live peaceably...with all men.


  1. Well said, lasgidi is for us all, even those in diaspora... The igbos play a great part in what Lagos is and will always be, loads of tribes and ethnicities live n thrive in Lagos... Lets not let any leader or any so called political scums destroy our home. Lasgidi foreva Home..

    1. Well said omo Ghana, Lagos in your blood foreva...cheers dear!

  2. Lol. Yes o. You talk better for there.
    our strength has always been in our diversity. The fact we've been able to co-habitate inspite of our differences speaks volumes of how amazing a nation we are.
    long may Nigeria live.
    It won't die in our time.

    1. A resounding Amen to your prayers Neo. Amen and Amen.

  3. Igbo kwenu! we surely need everyone around regardless of where they may come from. Truth be told, it would be boring if all of us are from the same place. so, let us enjoy our diversity. No one is dying anywhere. Surely not in any lagoon hahahaha

  4. I wish we all thought like this... Is it no longer one Nigeria?

  5. You see ehn Onyilola! Sometimes when I wanna drop a ghen ghen comment about how much I love your writing and how great a writer you are yeah, i ask myself Yo Nigga, is it that you just like Lola so much (as i see the you tripping for her in your souls eyes), or is that she is sincerely as awesome a writer as you claim.. and Bubba, Trust me when i say the latter is the reality.. **In 's voice.. Oh my days, weeks, Months, Years, and decades.. This post is Awesome.. I haf read only 1 post that comes close to this, and it is this one: by Favor..

    Lola you are an awesome writer aswear.. Outta our League but in them Achebe and Adichie and Soyinka's league.. I mean I read this post and literally clapped at my monitor.. my god i want your mind when I grow up.. I mean its amazing how you see life.. I mean apparently to you ehn baby mi, the glass of water is never half full or Half Empty but just where it is exactly suppose to be.. iTrip aswear..

    Truly Lola, like said, it is rather appalling that an elder states man can want to come and pour sand sand in the garri Ijebu of we Nigerians, but i guess it is up to us to ignore it like water off of a rock and make the best of our lives regardless of such illiteracy soaked comments.. at cause at the end na #GODWIN.. A couple of us had a good swim at the Lagoon though, and i am glad to say that apparently yeah, that Lagoon has healing power so we the Ndi Igbo shall begin selling the water ASAP thanks to the great Oba.. **Winks.. hehehehe

    Bless you Lola for this post.. Its on a totally different level... and the crowd goess..Ooossshhheeey Turn uP! Barvo Bubba... Bravo!!!

  6. It is one Nigeria @Lohla Melange...I shudder at what the situation would have been if we had different skin colors. I hope in the coming years we will all come to appreciate the beauty in our oneness. Long Live Nigeria

    @Oma: kwezenu eeeeeeeeeeeeee

    @Duru: you make me smile that kind smile that is totally genuine and girly. Osheeeeeey. I shall check out all the suggested posts, waiting for the weekend so I can blog whore a bit.

  7. **waves** Hiya know for a moment, I was like 'Okay! I am off to that Lagos!'....hehe...You wrote this nicely...Truly I agree, do your part and if others do their part correctly, everyone will be fine...

  8. *waving right back* *blowing kisses* I'm happy you up and blogging maami. Do visit us in Lagos soon, will be honored to host ya...

  9. In my deepest Naija accent ''sweet post''. Nicely written. Well done!

  10. I sooo want to give you a huge huge hug. We all need each other to move forward. In the lines of our former national anthem. "Though tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand".