Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Short Tale of Two Hell...

...& a near alcoholic.

Thankfully, I am not an alcoholic. Did you say yet? *straight face* It's no secret that I work with a Spirits and Wine Company. When people ask me what I do, I tell them I sell 'ogogoro' even though I work in the background...well, not-so-distant background *winks*. Sometime in 2013 I wrote a note- "CONFESSIONS OF A NEAR ALCOHOLIC" on my Facebook page though(you can read it up by clicking on title post). Asides from the new "forced habit" of alcohol tasting talked about, the piece also tried to capture my experience through my first ever trip to the infamous New Afrika Shrine. Hmm...a year 5 months later, I made a second visit and this time I stayed till lights out.



21/03/2015 I woke up early as usual but with even more mental preparation than on a week day because I knew a looooooong weekend stretched before me. The Friday before saw me getting home at 11 pm after a great time under the ministration of Reverend George Adegboye at Global Harvest's 10 years anniversary celebration. The service ended at about 10, getting home took an hour what with all the campaigns in town. Phew *can the elections end already!* Saturday morning, I was up and about putting necessary stuff together that will last me through the day. I had several places to touch base; tailor's, stylist' and finally Christie's not even counting the late evening trip which was duty calling...

I started out at the tailor's; picking up my uniform which was to be worn on Sunday for our women's convention in Church. In less than 40 minutes, mission at the tailor's was accomplished and then in the sun I was again scouting a good salon nearby. That eureka moment came when I found one posh-looking salon on CMD road and yours dearest ventured in to get her nails plus hair done...

As one lady was busy filing my nails and buffing, another was fiddling with my toe nails filing as well and then almighty hair drying was blowing some real HOT air on my small head-MAKE THAT 3 HELL! oh boy!!! Every other second I would take my head out of the dryer and the young lady would roll her eyes at me in a polite manner but wicked nonetheless - like, who sent you to do straw curls? I just kept telling myself that would be the last time for me, no more hair dryer encounter o.

After enduring all the hot air with the hot sensation from the nail file on my fingers, we were finally done. Even now, I heaved another sigh of

Next stop: Christie's. We were to attend a wedding together so we dressed up and headed out for a dear friend's wedding in another part of town *sorry I'm saving my pictures*

Tick. Tick. Tick...time sped by.

After much catching up with friends from MBA class, it was time to leave. We said our byes and I went my way...on to the next stop - Afrika Shrine.

Monday, 16 March 2015

FOR THE LOVE OF MF( and my lil Duru...)

...ayyam back ;-)

33 days! Dayum!! I mean dayum!!! That's a reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long time to be away from my favorite space. The past few weeks have rolled by faster than any two-legged or four-legged mobile thing I can describe. I was honestly going to stay off for a few days until all the work and travels caught up with me...oh well, the life of a working lady.

I've missed everyone *cuddly ehugs* I shall endeavor to churn out some fine stories and get myself back in the 15-for-15 challenge before I get beaten to the title *tongue out to all the bad belle Durus*.

So you wondering either aloud or silently; what has she been up to? A whole lot...this and that but mostly making out more time to be attentive to my inner witness. I read an inspiring piece today written by a good (and surprisingly dear writer friend - in a short while), he spoke of this beautiful encounter with this beautiful creature in this story. I sincerely hope that as individuals we strive daily to do a simple good to another fellow. It's easier to help people you know and love but the true test plus show of love is when your act of kindness is directed to an unfamiliar person. Make up your mind to help, without expectations of being repaid.

I wish I could share my past week with you but all the pictures are yet to come in so I won't be doing this post no justice with half story BUT one thing that stood out for me through it all was my firsthand experience of "Made-in-Aba". Nna mehn my week-long journey saw me travel through Aba and in my bid to judiciously use up time since I had some hours to myself, I decided to explore salon(s) in Aba. Thought to make my hair and get my nails done. Lo and behold! I entered into this salon filled with guys excitement filling me up because I know guys generally do well at women's trade. The salon had no trappings of beautiful piece of art but I didn't mind. I sat down to be treated royally with my legs crossed in proper English manner. One of the guys attended to me, fixed my nails which by the way took forever(but it was okay as I also know men are very meticulous when it comes to fixing nails and hair). All done, I thought I liked what I saw(sometime around 8pm in the dark) until morning when I noticed one of the nails had pulled off and another was shaky. At the time of writing this only 4 days after, 4 nails are off already! Choi. Everything about the nails used is just different; texture, name it. Big salute to my Aba boys, una do well.


There is a truckload of Morning Fresh dishwash liquid to be given away; all you have to do is use the below links to qualify. I know we are all lovers of this grease-removing dish wash. Personally, I am confident of squeaky clean plates ONLY with Morning Fresh and I mean ONLY with MF. Join me to experience easy wash with MF by using links below to get yours...for FREE.


 It's bye for now but this time around to be back soon...break aff finish.

Do have an amazing week as we remember to say a prayer for our country. #forthesakeofNigeria, (feel free to spread that on social media) declare a personal fast and make positive declarations concerning this country. I've had strong impressions in my heart to say a prayer everyday for this country. You know the portion of the Bible that talks about rumors of war and wars; do not panic. They will remain rumors. It will shock people that despite the intense tension in the land as a result of the upcoming elections, no violence will result. I urge us to create positive scenarios in our minds. Let us not feed on negative news. I don't care which city you are living in or the on-goings around you, it can change with your words, thoughts and confessions. #forthesakeofNigeria please say a prayer and sheathe your daggers.

Peace people. Enjoy my many faces through--------------> Benin to Onitsha to Asaba to Owerri to Aba to Port Harcourt and then the exquisite Uyo capital of Akwa Ibom state.

even the passers-by knew it was my 1st time in Abia...choi

Team bonding...
Petite and fit...

:-) :-) :-)