Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Be careful what you wish for + a big S/O + a mini bye

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I saw him again!

I saw him on my way to work. Still lanky but aging fast.

I can't even remember his name now...He was my neighbor from next door; the very first house we lived in. I must have been aged 6 when we moved in there (I can't exactly remember but it feels like I was born there however history says nay, I was born in another...).  It was the house we lived in through my primary/junior secondary school days. A very "there" house by societal class standards; shared kitchen, shared bathroom & toilet, no water, no high was just another face-me-I-face-you building on the block.

So I grew up in this very rugged area of Ketu and almost every other evening plus weekend, I would carry big "basia" on my small, sokolo head to go buy/fetch water from next door...Ile Alhaji (thank God no one can dig up those pictures*covers face*). Alhaji had plenty children and one of them was who I saw earlier on my way to work, second time in a month (before your minds start roving in overdrive, WE WERE NOT AN ITEM & no! NO CRUSHING ON HIM EITHER!!!). They were just a bunch of older kids I envied as a little girl. Their da had plenty money, a very big house with spiral stairs and penthouse - 1st time I would ever see one and I didn't see another till several years later when I was fully grown and blossoming; generator set; they would always throw parties, buy cows and do all sorts. I remember wishing so many times I was one of them, wishing my dad was him but thankfully those thoughts didn't linger even as young as I was. I cautioned myself to commot my eyes.

Fast forward years later, my father went on to build his own house - true several years after at a time of his retirement, but a good time nonetheless as I was ready for University. Alhaji's kids lived the affluent life, they never hawked. I did. Every afternoon after school I would help mama sell her wares in the local Ketu market even up until senior secondary school. I think I started dodging it and crying from SS 2 as I became too embarrassed amidst my peers. I mean fine and pretty geh like me, a prefect and brilliant sisi at that but guess what! Alhaji's kids never went beyond secondary school. It's funny how life unfolds. So when I saw Kenny( it!) on top of a tanker truck I shed a lil tear. He had become a tout, people we would normally refer to as "agbero" in this part of the West. Kenny was in tattered, sad-looking clothes. This morning when I saw him again, nothing entirely different from earlier observation. What went wrong with all 'em money?

I'm not one to mock people or deride the very state they currently live in but if I had caught a glimpse of this present future, my wishes would have been totaaaaaaaally different. Moral of this is - let's be careful how we
churn thoughts and wishes in our heads as they may just turn out exactly as we wished. Let God handle your life for you, trust Him because He knows what suits you.

Okay...on to some happy things. Guess who is back? *break dancing* Guess now...yeah my love is back! my dearest pink love and I sure turned heads in it *batting my eyelashes* with my "iya eko" haircut.

 Okay, no more pictures of me. Time for unpaid announcement...SALE! SALE!! SALE!!! I have this lovely Italian dinning table for sale. Holla if you like ;-)
For sale o not dash.

SHOUT OUT-------------> A very big S/O to all my silent readers who never comment but will always shower me with kisses & constructive criticism outside of the blogspace. You know yourselves ;-)

A bit of sad news, I'll be off this space for a while. Grant me permission to fall-out pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase...I hope to return soon*kisses*. 

Tintin, Big Kos, Prince of Wales, beautiful Feyi, Evie dearie - thanks for keeping me sane. I could not have asked for better friends and mentor. I love you muchos.

Writer's note
basia - Big basin
sokolo - Small
commot - pidgin English which can mean leave/go/carry/remove
iya eko - Mother of eko Lagos


  1. Soyou didn't gimme a shallaut abi? I wee still come and read the blog sha.... how are you

  2. Okkkaaayyy! Its offficial Lola, you don put me for work.. I am having a tiny problem differentiating between your 'Fiction' and your 'reality' now oh, as i have become used to your fiction :(. I have even employed a customer care lady who does voice over in my head and reads the words of your blog... So each time i am reading you, a particular voice plays in my head.. **Shines teeth... So i am guessing this is reality yeah?! Well Bubba you see life is cruel... She is a bitch fading day by day but also fading at the speed of light (9.8 M/s lemme proof to you that i finished SS1 **Shines teeth) also.. In my 23 years 3 months and 1 day of existence yeah, I am learning that the decisions we make shape our lives to an extent that we least expect.. One chance we miss, one wrong turn, one mistake, one action, one night... one of these things could screw up our one life beyond could make or Mar everything... To say I feel sad about your story is to state the obvious, but to it i say he made his choices... Education is not a mandate, but is important.. It gives us knowledge, and it is this knowledge (not Education) that opens our eyes to the endless possibilities that there is, and drives us to greatness. Bubba, If you see him again ehn. biko baby mi, do well to wave at least, cause that singular act could give him a reason to re-write his life.. Sooo You are selling Dinning Table ba?! **Scratches head... I am just curious oh! are you by any chance selling a Sony 'HE'Xperia phone also.. **Shines teeth.., Permission to fall out to where?! Berra dont go no where oh! Its not fair nah... If you fall out who will I tease... Lola there i have a feeling there is a gist you are holding away from us.. Mbok nah Bubba, ja wa si... **Shines teeth... Congrats in advance shaaa...

    Turn up Turn up Ladies and gentlemen, with Lola toh sure, we can only read post toh Sure baje baje.. I Love this lady ehnn like Kilode, always spot on.... and to that the crowd goes... yyyyeeeeaaahhh! Mehn! Cheers xx

  3. Dear Everybody **Shines Teeth.. Lerrus remember that Lola said MINI Bye oh!!! Emphasis on 'Mini'... So if she stays away longer than 7 days.. We are declaring her a missing/Kidnapped/Stolen/lost/hidden person.. Deal?! Dear Bubba, please dont be AWOL for too long biko.. We love yu like that shey you know?! Some of us cannot even drink coffee or pursue woman cause you are not writing **wears Mushy Mushy face..I beg you in the name of Stanbic IBTC bank.. Please coma back soon. Ejo.**Crying in Spanish.. :(

  4. Replies
    1. Duru Duru! You are one of a kind shey you know even though you didn't................ I'll leak your secret for the world to read nau nau *tongue out*

      I'm just taking some time to get my thoughts together on certain things you DO NOT KNOW about and have no inkling to, will be back soon sogbo. Promise. Hugs n butterfly kisses.

    2. hahahahahahha Mbok Lola which secret biko?! Ah!! **Jaws Drop.. Abeg whisper the secret to me first oh cause even me sef doesnt know my own secret oh! lmao.. hehehehhehehehe Sheybe you know its not fair.. First you promised to be gone for a bit hence the "Mini good bye" but nah it has been 1 month 1 day= 4 weeks 1 day= 29 days... Secondfly you promised to call me since 19kokoro.. but till now that I am already having white bia bia.. my phone hasnt still rang.. **Deep sigh... Diarisgodoo.. Just so you know Bubba, I miss you like i miss pursuing woman.. Please come back soon mbok..

      P.S: Whatever is going on, please put your thoughts togera fast fast oh, and even use Superglue to join them togera permanently if you have to sef.. **Shines teeth.. Cheers Bubba.. Miss you.. xx

  5. I saw a shout out to me! Dancing shoki.... Don't we always wish for it all and realise we need not do so..... Reminder that our past don't determine our future when we put our minds to it