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15-for-15 Challenge02 - On Hormones and Dildos...

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I want to vent.

I mean really vent. Not the words-war; no one "looked" for my trouble to deserve verbal thrashing. I want a physical vent, like the one that lets out all the konji in your sytem. I want a release, I mean a climacteric eruption from within to whatever long as it is visibly in sight. A thing or a being??? For now I choose a "thing," so I'm just going to experiment different rhythms and speeds with this bluish looking thing. We will do it slow, fast and erratic or anyhow as I deem pleasurable. I will sit myself in front of this mirror, I mean there is something highly arousing about seeing an object move in and out of the veevee right?

Henrietta wrote furiously as she hoped the exercise would help take her mind off her current state. She continued writing, "It's been 220 weeks and 5 days since the last man thrust, honest I've been faithful. I've been good, I even moved back in with uncle Richards so I wouldn't be tempted to sleep out not to talk of getting in the act.

Here I am, all alone, starved of all masculine company; the feeling of deep intimate intercourse and the pleasure that comes with it. I mourn my faithfulness as though it were a crime. I am saddened by my abstinence as though it were a curse. I should be happy and proud of my stance, just the idea that I could hold out this long means I have some measure of control over my body.….I mean hey, 220 weeks no be easy feat!"

Henrietta is a young woman with so much ahead of her, armed with a beautifully creamed smooth skin, an intelligently sharp mind, a moderately figured body (just enough flesh in the right places), and a charming character, she seemed on a mission to conquer the world...her world. As she moved, she pulled to herself the attention of many. So many men she could choose from, individually they chose her. At each instance she dated a man; she sought for her hero, a man who would complement her, a man who would lead her to the discovery of her greater self. It wasn't a fairy tale for her expectations were not out of this world. She knew what she wanted in a man and she was intently zooming in beyond looking.

Being an only child, her mother had taught her to be careful in choosing a partner. So as she grew through school and career, she made sure she had fun, but was also searching for a ‘complete complement’ as her mother put it.

“Ah….I remember Harry”, Henrietta exclaimed, “that guy at my former office, he struck a chord in my heart,” smiling as she recollects. He was nice, young and seemed ideal. Though not as tall as she would have wanted, he was funny in a way, very communicative and well spoken. Sometimes the work space can be a love nest, except this love never grew wings. It died there. “I killed it,” she echoed with a sense of control, but not before discovering that they shared similar passions….big screen movies, strong career pursuit, poetry, politics and a bit of others… know. She kept her bridges intact for she knew early enough that this wasn’t a “never return” destination. With openness, love and respect, she let him slip back to his wife. She simply changed the tag from “prospective lover” to “friend”. Harry was okay with that; he was married and contented just being her friend. “Here is a man that loves me, a man I can love, but he is not mine”. She silently comforted herself and moved on until she got to a point, this point of definitive choice.

She was just tired of the circle. Time was passing, the clock, ticking. Slowly but surely she drew to the borders of society’s line of fire. Not that it mattered what anyone would say about her marital status as she gradually grew into a career lady. She wanted this for herself but also a man to keep her warm at night...and day (some days are cold too you know); someone to stand by her through thick and thin, a passionate companion through the journey of life.

“No more sheets”, she strongly resolved. Her life experiences were nowhere near as graphic and eventful as that of Juanita Bynum, the author of a moving testimonial. She recently stumbled on this life changing story of a woman who had so much to say about womanhood. It was redefining. She didn’t decide to become a nun after reading it. It wasn’t a religious push so don’t wonder why she sought to vent. She simply told herself “ it is time to make changes, time to pay a price for a priceless goal.

Before moving back with Uncle Richard, Henrietta had pretty much everything she wanted except a man she could call her own - yeah, you know...there were unintended flings along the road. She was successful at everything but lonely inside. “I need to tame myself” She silently sobbed. It was hard, really hard. In her closet she recalled the bliss of heated blood in her veins, the pain and pleasure of romance, the sweet drippings of her juice and the blasted moans, the deep desire that emanates from a mere glance at a man’s sweaty skin...

She was being a woman, she was human.

Nothing wrong with it right? It's just a good vaginal therapy????


Writer's note - As always, this was pure imagination
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Special thanks - To NJ, accept my heartfelt salute my muse


  1. No longer a single but mightily blessed by the video. Was at first worried for my data but now I'm worried about baggages that I probably took into marriage. Marvellous piece

  2. Beaurifull.I'm glad to be your protégée... Learning daily from thee

  3. My heartfelt concern goes to Henrietta and some other ladies in her shoe. I thank my goodness that I came a man. Before I go any further, I must say there is nothing wrong with having choices: 'my-kind-of-man' thing the ladies always have (I know we men do too). Many ladies have lost their would-have-been husbands and some still have them as mere boyfriends, normal friends or flings as it were for some mere reasons as 'he ain't tall enough, he's too dark skinned, he's not earning more than I am, he's driving an old model Toyota (if not at all sef), etc. As our dear Henrietta here: "He was nice, young and seemed ideal. Though not as tall as she would have wanted...." Somewhere along the line, while searching for a 'complete complement', (is there anyone as that?) she has lost a life time partner to some other lady.  Hence she is a position where she yearns for warmth, etc, a position we men hardly find ourselves. 
    To a large extent, our mother nature appears kinder to us men than the ladies. 

    # Nice piece you have here, my dearest Honey. I've tried liken you style of writing to at least one of the writers I used to know and have read from but it hasn't clicked. Perhaps as I read more from you I would find which one you remind me of. But so far, you are an uncommon writer in your own pedestal. I'm proud to know you. 

  4. This is one place us ladies never want too be...successful and lonely (BTW, 'lonely' is not same as 'alone', you can be married and lonely). God is our help!

    Thanks for this piece dear

  5. Your ability to infuse .... I like that a lot! .... You know what I like the most? ..."You appeal to everyone when you write ... (the saints, the inbetweeners, and the down right mashed up minds)... It is an ability I really do envy in you.(Good envy ooo)...Nice write up again...but I think you will understand if I don't really comment on any particular part of this write-up..**hits too close to home***

  6. Turn Down for what bikonu?! Turn Up Turn up ladies and gentlemen.. kai this my Egbon can write shaaaaaaa! goddambullcrap.. You know yeah bubba, while i read through ehn, It struck a cord within me (slowly but surely), as I slowly and sheepishly (but enjoyably :)) drifted from reading based on the hormones in me raging (wanting to read action film gehn ghen sexual script) to read only about a woman sexual pleasures indicated in the first 2 paragraphs and picture :p, to me still wanting to keep reading through to the end, and just when i got to the last paragraph yeah, I realised that there was more to this post... On getting to the final paragraph, I woke up like a man who was sleeping all the while, only to be awoken by being poured hot water and pinched at the same time plus being given Abara :), and it struck me that Chei! Lola has done me Open day 419! as Sexual pleasure was but just a scratch of the iceberg and not the Koko itself.. The actual Koko was me reading the life of a single lady who is Human.. Ooooohh! This geh can write shhaaaa!! Damn! mehn! Whooa! Shit! this was dope on all levels aswear! **Deep sigh! Oya Nonso calm down before her head will start to over swell and she will refuse to buy you an Experia **Shines teeth.. You see ehn Bubba, in my 23 years 2 months and 23 days of existence, as a woman wrapper ehn, I have constantly pondered on what makes ladies feel complete.. i had thought it was SEX but then I realised I was only thinking as a teenager with my hormones raging and blood boiling, I had thought it was CAREER and WEALTH and then i realized that was but my Ojukokoro speaking. I had thought it was Marriage, but then I realized that that was my mushy mushy side speaking, but now, with this post, I have realized that it is the want to be WANTED.. To be not just loved but CHERISHED, the want to be a both an owner of a man as well as to be owned by a man( not in marriage but in utmost sincerity).. Mehn! You are smart Lola, very smart! RIBENAAAAA!!! Oya Come and read this post oh! You know in my head ehn Bubba, you write just like + + mehn how can 1 person be so smart... turn down for what bikonu! With Lola, we can only Turn up. OOossshhhey! This was a fun read. :)

    Commenters note: **scratches head,,, Ehmmm Are we sure this is only fiction?! **Runs away :) Cheers Bubba xx

    1. Only 10% of what you wrote here made sense to me o....but the 10% make plenty brain. I'll just repeat it here...

      "I have realized that it is the want to be WANTED.. To be not just loved but CHERISHED, the want to be a both an owner of a man as well as to be owned by a man( not in marriage but in utmost sincerity)"

      -The Only Anonymous you know

  7. So I almost did not understand this story and ended up on YouTube watching " no more sheets" and I was blessed by it... Read it one more time before posting this comment and voila understanding!! Great piece and a mighty consolation for us "single and not searching".

  8. I had to read this 3ce to grab the meaning...... but i watched the YouTube video and i was blessed

  9. Masterfully witty, you told the story of many. Amazingly, your thought stream has triggerd alot that is hard to admit to one's self let alone speak about in public space. Proud to associate with you babe. Awesome!

  10. Beautiful piece. I love that its what many can relate to. I love that many can read and nod and know that there are people like them out there, dealing with similar issues.

  11. Hiya Lola, the is something wrong with Esther as she seems to be a tad depressed... read it on her last post... please if you can Egbon, can you drop a kind comment on there, as in my eyes the 2 of you are twins... **shines teeth.

    Here is the link Egbon...

    Thanks Bubba...

  12. Erm I will watch the video later ... It's more than an hour lol... Nice write up dear... Keep it up!