Friday, 30 January 2015

Give it a title!!!

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He calls you up on Friday night
You are shaking your bum lost in the fast song
Hands all over you, you can feel the wetness against your ear
Hip, hip, hip to the hurraaaay you flash your bossom
Twenty percent near drunkenness, you hope to survive the night... feel the tingle against your skin. 
He is not supposed to call now,you think to yourself. 
Phone still ringing, his face looking straight at you like he is right next to you
Your mind is in overdrive, the sane part still untouched by the gin
Heels clickin...'ko-ko-ko-ko,' on the marbled ground, you rush out
Quick dash into the adjoining hotel room...curtains all drawn, you take up a comfy position comes again
"Breathe easy",you sing to yourself 
Voice and breath steady, you pick up the phone...

'Oh baby' call out your voice slurred
"I'm sorry I was sound asleep...have you been calling for long?"

Waiting for his voice to come on then you hear the sounds of scraping chairs
Still waiting for his voice to come on you wondering if his phone was playing tricks with miss & redials
"Baby are you there?"
Then you hear a loud crash then a voice...."Bitch back off! Who the hell is your baby?

'I want you calling MY baby no more, f******** cunt, useless 'hore'. Leave my boyfriend the hell alone!"


Writer's note - "Whose baby I'm thinking? Believe me I don't know where this thought came from.

I almost wrote that a doctor was calling her from the emergency ward with news of a ghastly accident involving her sounded too tragic and there she was diggin' it with another man at a bash. A burnt lover woman just sounded hilarious and unexpected.

Thinking out loud.

This piece was originally written in '11 as one of my Facebook notes.



  1. Erhnmmmmmm so I am confused. I tried to read this in 2 different ways buh mehnn...

  2. Hahahaha...maami, it is a reflection of my mind 5 years ago o. That is ehn ** :-(

    It's just a picture of a lady who had a boo and was involved as it were with another dude without her knowing her actual boo had a steady girl...a quadrant more like it of four different folks connected by love, lust...I leave the rest to your imagination.

  3. hmmmnnnn And see me that was Hexsperring some action film to go down in the Hotel room.. **Covers face... Okay Dear Writer, you tempted us with that Picshur well well oh! Bubba **Wears straight face.. So there must to be a Part 2 of the movie.. I want to read the part when they are necking and scattering chairs in the hotel room and breaking the bed due to ghen ghen somethings, and screaming and moaning, and... Wait!!! Hold it!!!!! Mr. Duru... Dont get ahead of yaself bruv.. heheheheh Hiya Lola, you be playing mind games on us ba?! diarisgodoooo.. Nice one :) I am smiling like a fish... But you still did us 419 on this post shaaa...

    **Commenters Note. We want part 2 oh! Or else we are gonna come kidnap the writer and go.. **Shines teeth.. E hugs Bubba... Happy new month. :)

  4. Haven't been here in a while.
    omg I think it's been a year since you started (correct me if I'm wrong)

    Funny to see how much progress you've made.

    Nice one Yin.

  5. Osheeeeeeey @ Neo.

    It's good to "see" you again, please don't stop now :-)