Saturday, 24 January 2015

15-for-15 Challenge

Posted by Lola on Saturday, January 24, 2015 in | 7 comments
First of all introduction...

Na me be Honiilols, in case you didn't know that. Please any lawyer in the house? I need to copyright (abi na patent) that name before anyone gets the idea to steal it. So I entered this competition tagged 15-for-15 Challenge championed by the pretty Miss Janyl Benyl. The lowdown is this; interested bloggers enter competition and pledge to do 15 posts in this year on a particular theme. Pretty easy right? Just 15 you say, oya come and help me think na...

As I write, I haven't even put my theme together but I think I will just focus on the WOMAN; her body, mind, and spirit. Every other month I will write something about her and if inspiration comes to do more posts on other subject matters, I shall be quick to put my creativity to MS word & Wordpad.

So here is me welcoming you again into this amazing year of breaking forth. Invite your family, friends, foes too(if you have any)...let's get this show on the road!

STAY GLUED TO MY PAGE. I AM ABOUT TO BLOW...good blow that is ;-)


  1. Wat do you need me do? I will stay tuned. When you blow... remember me in you father's kingdom!

  2. Lol
    You're are very funny person.
    Thanks for the compliment btw :)
    Looking forward to your posts, Hun
    Welcome on board xo

  3. **you're a ...

    Don't mind my autocorrect trying to mess around with me :)

    1. No worries ma'am, I know your English (both written and spoken) is impeccable even though I've never heard you speak...hehehehe ;-)

  4. Hehehhehehehehheheheh Lola be always cracking us up. Lmaoooo you are a miracle bubba, thank you for joining in.... Turn up Turn up ladies and gentlemen, its official, this challenge is gonna be awesome.... mehn all these themes are trying to intimidate me oooo... inshort i am FIARING alreadh... but as a man i gats package like say i no dey fear. Heheheheh **hits chest.. Duru Fear not... lmao... i am soooooo looking forward to reading from you Bubba, it is sure gonna be a ghen ghen read all the way... cheers.

  5. Looking forward to reading from you