Friday, 5 December 2014

My New Found love(s)

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I'm in love.

God knows I tried not to get so attached but hey, what can a girl do especially one who loves beautiful things like yours dearest? How did I get to this point you ask me?

So last week(now about two weeks as this post ought to have been published since last week but my beautiful phone crashed and I lost the pictures*crying*), I rummaged my wardrobe for something to wear (I usually leave that decision till morning of d-day never prior, except on Sunday nights when I have a clear idea of what I will be wearing on Monday...the usual "Together we win" T-shirt). So I went on a testing spree trying different dresses. I love jackets by the way. I eventually settled on this rarely-worn black dress and needed an accessory to complement my look basically because I didn't wanna appear all black...another search that took me some precious 10 minutes but it was worth the while eventually as this was the look I got...

Day 2
I thought to wear my yellow dress and matched it with the very same neck newest found love *hehehehe* and it worked perfectly. Just a very very simple, inexpensive, unique looking piece o that had been in my jewellery box for monthssssssssss on end, unused and unloved. This would take me to another talk but I will try not to deviate too much, it goes to show that sometimes we are just blind to the people around us who look granted, maybe a lil rusty on the outside but we completely ignore them because we fail to peel the dusty exterior in order to catch a glimpse of the beautiful interior. Try a lil dusting and you may just find yourself loving that young man or young lady more than any other terribly attractive being around you. I have come to learn that the people we finally get hooked to are those who have been steady somewhat in our lives; neighbours we probably ignore; friends of friends whom we never say beyond "hello" to; Church members we run away from seconds after Sunday service; just name them. Okay enough, bottom line is SEE rather than just LOOK.

(Sorry no image of me in that sexy, bright-colored yellow dress as it got lost in the crash)

Day 3
I found a new love yet again in the name of this pinkish boyfriend jacket. Funny thing is, I had this dumped somewhere because I felt it was too small for me but I picked it up that very day and it did me wonders. So I had a very pink-weekend.

Saturday morning doing what I love to do best in Church...reciting a poem

Saturday evening doing my boss' bidding as the representative of my unit by ensuring my company got proper leverage in the media on this event it co-sponsored. It was a gathering of the Indian community at TBS and I had an awemazing time watching quite elderly excited people prance around, celebrating their Diwali (delayed celebration in Nigeria by the way as a result of the ebola scare then).

So I capped the weekend with my pink jacket and neck-piece, yet again, for Sunday Service.

For five days, I had that eureka feeling you get when you finally find something in your wardrobe that matches almost everything else...

Check out these lil extras *winks*
I wonder where my hand was going!!!

P.S: I need a photographer ASAP please. I could not do justice to a lot of the pictures. Interested candidates should apply in person o.

P.P.S like my blogger friend Duru Adolphus of YGnC would add: I just had to include this picture of me eating my favorite akara *covers face* 

I lost that bad!


  1. Why am I always the first person to get a desktop notification from Gmail whenever she posts something....
    And just like dat i drop everything and anything I am doing (today..i was checking my bank statement wandering where last month's salary went...LOL) , CLICK CLICKING and i am here reading (actually gulping down) everything she just posted! Thats how addicted i am anyway...Nice to know you also search for what to wear atimes considering how tushed up u are always..Nice piece again. praying there is a way for you to get that your "akara-eating pix" ... would love to see that and laff at your oily mouth..*runs away*

  2. So be sure to check the balance early this month and share too o...Sholafummy, share that money!!! Anyways thanks again, your comments are always refreshing and because of people like you I am glad that picture of me eating akara got lost. Who knows, you may just be springing it up in the nearest future when I become the First Lady...

    1. LOL! First Lady? Hmmmm *thinking*...But I think a picture of a first lady with an oily akara-eating mouth is going to make her more popular, don't you think? At least it's better than speaking bad english..#justsaying.... About the sharing thing.....hmmmm! Let m think about it sa! *runs away*..

  3. heheheheheheheheheh Turn Up Turn Up Ladies and Gentle men! Onyilola, you have me smiling like a fish! Thanks ssssssoooo much.. You know yeah, I am so excited right now, in fact this is a moment for me. Kindly pass me a hankie, no Tissue, no Tissues.. no in fact give me a box of tissues.. heheheheh I am smiling like a fish and blushing like the sun now.. Thank you so much for the mention Bubba, I am grateful. Turn up!! hehehe Thanks for the mention again bubba, as when i get mentions on pretty cool Blogs like yours, i have that "I just won a Nobel prize kinda feeling.."" **cleans Tears of joy.. I dedicate this award to as she lit the match that set the bush on fire! heheheh

    Soo.. You are lofing another object that is not called Duru ba? god will judge you oh! inshort diarisgodoooo. :) The thing about life yeah is that we never really know. We never really know who has our back, who sincerely loves us, or who we will end up with, so we constantly ignore the ones that love us the most. Its similar like our Body and soul, we constantly take care of the body, adorning her with the best cosmetics et al and often ignore the soul, starving her by not feeding her with GOD'S words, where as its our soul that will never leave us at the end.. heheheh See my Lola looking sharp, i soooo Love the 1st picture.. In other news, this is where i propose.. **Rolls up Jeans. hehehe **Puts one knee on the ground **Brings out I phone 6.. ** Clears Throat.. **Cleans Tears of Joy... **Wears Mr. Nigeria smile.. Dear Onyilola Sobowale, will you be my blog wife for today? hehehehehe Cheers Bubba, and be safe.. turn up!! i am waiting for Christmas give away ooo!!! I wanna chop ya money! :) xx Thanks once again. :)

    1. My apologies first and foremost for this late response, a very terrible oversight. D***!

      I missed the day of your proposal, can you ask again puleaaaase and without the iPhone, I don't fancy that ish. In other news, what's the plan for Christmas? Any bloggers' convention coming up?

  4. The last piece of you is lovely. You made thinking getting that flat