Wednesday, 31 December 2014

CHRistMAS to Me...

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Christmas to me, was…

A trip to ijaiye; a very small town in that rocky city called Abeokuta

My frame forced into the tiny space in that most favoured spot by the window of da’s metallic blue Peugeot 504

My chubby face glued to the “winscreem” as we called it

Watching the lush greenery as they blended and melded with the large expanse of sparse land

Marveling at the old houses washed in the natural redness of earth’s colour

Christmas to me, was…

The “ankos” we got to wear and the many bottles of tango drink

'T was the numerous plates of burnt jollof rice not even the sound of exploding bangers at eventide

Christmas to me was…

Taking and taking from family plus cousins, even the unloved uncles I would pally up with for the moment just to get crispy N5 notes

That was Christmas to me (chuckles) and now?

Christmas to me is…

Giving and sharing

Singing. Reflecting and appreciating the most beautiful gift of Salvation

That God from His throne would send His only begotten son to die for you and I for the ransom of our souls

It’s the gladness of the season with all the warmth it brings…

Beautiful isn't it?

What is Christmas to you?

I hope like me it holds a new meaning of Joy


"Joy to the World", the carollers sang out

as last minute shoppers scurried about

desperately seeking that one special gift

that would give Christmas morning a magical lift.

As an old man stood standing listening to the song,

midst all the madness of the bustling throng,

in a shaky hoarse voice he began to join in

singing the words of the famous old hymn.

One by one people stopped with their madness

to join with the old man for a moment of gladness.

By the time the carollers finished with singing the song

the whole throng was united as they all sang along.

As if by magic from out of the sky

church bells rang out from a chapel nearby.

And when it was over the people greeted each other

with messages of good will they shared with one another.

You see that magical lift the shoppers sought for so long

was not in the buying or scurrying along.

That magical gift so desperately sought

was the Spirit of Christmas - which could never be bought.

Writer's note - A very late post on what Christmas is to me, better late than never you reckon? Poem in italics is as written by Tom Krause

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  1. Christmas is chilling with the family whether travelling or at home

  2. Christmas to me is being with *******

  3. Christmas for me was and is being with the family. It's a tradition I love and wont trade for anything else. I pray to carry it on.

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    1. Laughs. Sorry maami, don't mind Google o stressing like this. Kisses from me to you...muah