Wednesday, 31 December 2014

...and so it ends

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Has it really?

There is so much excitement about the changing dates, fleeting excitement for some, profound and lingering for others maybe. Tonight we make the joyful sounds; inundated with joys of others and the next minute we back to reality, reminded of the realness of the world we live in. Reminded of the dreams that never materialized. We feel once again that gnawing sense of tension and anxiety, reminded of the tragic turns and twists we've had to deal with while our hopes still never came to fruition! We are reminded of the many nights we've had to pace and mutter under our breath, praying for one single miracle that our situation may change; that we may be better appreciated by a mean boss; loved by a special one; that our wombs may carry to full term that fertilized embryo we were so happy about and rejoiced over a couple of weeks or months ago; that our hard earned monies be spent on better things rather than the numerous trips to the hospital and pharmacy to buy nameless drugs...some cosmic power not even turning us back at it's lobby. Before long we are reminded of all these unfulfilled dreams...but! hold up a bit. Wait right there before you fall back into that stinking, putrid, malodorous pit of self pity and hopelessness. *Eeeeewwwhhh* Remember Joseph in the Bible? You know him? Yeah, that dreamer boy. You gerrit. His was one of the first stories I enjoyed in primary school in my BK (Bible Knowledge) class. Truth be told, I never understood it a bit only knew he was sold into slavery and his brothers came begging for food at some point in their moment of severe hunger.

Today I read that story again. I actually read it and felt it and understood it. You see, Joseph had a dream, even though his was in a spiritual realm not like the mental dreams we create of aspirations and hopes of things to come. Joseph had a dream. Himself with his other half-brothers were binding sheaves of grain out in the field when suddenly his own sheaf rose and stood upright, while those of his brothers gathered around his and BOWED to it! Oh boy! What a powerful dream and he told his brothers! The young lad didn't stop at revealing that one dream, he went further to reveal a second of the sun, moon and the eleven stars bowing to him. Amazing naivety! There is so much to be learned about who we trust to share our dreams with but I also live with an understanding that things unfold as planned by the ever creative God. His telling fell under the grand scheme of things. So Joseph in all his innocence shared these dreams with brothers who already hated him and somehow ended up intensifying the bitterness they had against him. What happened thereafter? He was sold into slavery for a paltry amount, you guessed right!

Several chapters later after the dream was divulged in Genesis 37, the Bible also made such an astounding record. See this, "Now Joseph was the GOVERNOR of the land, the person who sold grain to ALL its people. So when Joseph's BROTHERS ARRIVED, THEY BOWED down to him with their faces to the ground". *I am really stifling my screams as I type this* Marvelous! I just had to emphasize those words. Do you know how long it took for this dream to come to pass? After years of trial and hardship. I know we all wonder why God allows evil to happen and why the promises won't just fall into our laps, truthfully, I wonder too but this year I have learned to completely trust God not because of what He has done or not done but because of the tremendous power He wields. He can do all things. The way the devil torments me of my age and my singleness is the way God reminds me of His awesome power and He constantly reminds me of how much He loves me, even better. Today, I had to go from Omole to Yaba for the weekend and was on the road lugging bags when a car stopped for me in the estate. He was going farther than I alright but he had an option of taking the 3rd mainland bridge in order to avoid the many potholes on Ikorodu road but guess what he did, he opted to take that same Ikorodu road and dropped me exactly where I was going. In all this, the only thing that rang in my mind was a voice telling me, "Oyinlola, I've got your back because I love you". I smiled. I laughed. I hugged God in my spirit. I wasn't expecting a free ride and that's what usually happens. Let God surprise you, He thrives in daunting projects. He sure cares and would make things happen.

All those promises, those dreams, those hopes will come to pass. That's all I am trying to say to you dearie and to myself too. As you rejoice today please never let that joy be truncated. Keep rejoicing everyday knowing you have a Heavenly Father that cares silly about you. So it doesn't matter how long the hope has been festering in your heart, keep the dreams alive. We all suffer from unfulfilled longings but remember Joseph's story when you are tempted to think that faith is nothing but a childish fantasy. Don't let your faith die with 2014. That will be the greatest disservice you ever do yourself.

I pray that God gives us grace to hold on to our dreams as He strengthens us to live them out in the power of His Spirit.

Have a beautiful 2015 friends and thanks for being a great part of my 2014. Mindplosive and I would never have been the same without you. For your encouragement, comments, stories, inviting friends to come read too, for increasing good traffic on my page, I say a big thank you and to all who secretly urge me on...

Go dazzle lovelies! e-hugs


  1. Thank you for this wonderful post.... Your post actually encouraged me.... Thank you very much
    Happy new year

    1. Thank you too mami. I'm glad you found it truly encouraging. Happy New Year! Go dazzle!

  2. And just like that I am encouraged, inspired to not give up on my dreams.. Even tho its 10:45pm now I just had to read that bible story again... and I am making up my mind to not give up on God in 2015, to not give up on my dreams in 2015, to not give up on anything in 2015, even Love.... Thanks once again OAS... Happy NEW YEAR to you!

  3. Happy new year Hooyin!

    New dates? Euphoria of the moment? Needless spending of money and then the famous long January? Consequence of the Predictable nature of man? Is there really any difference between the profile of dec. 31st and Jan. 1st?

    Is it really worth the world wide craze? Come to think of it we never really step into the new year at the same time - different timing across the globe!

    Alright, I think the new year will be a repeat of the last.
    - I think most people won't do things differently
    - I think most people will make emotional new year resolutions
    - I think most are already expecting the worse based on recent economic indicators
    - I think most people will kick off with some sort of zeal but taper off before June
    - I think most people will make do with supposed realities from February

    I think ONLY a few will choose a different path and have a most fulfilling 2015.
    - they understand time is a transporter
    - they know this is another opportunity to get it right
    - they will commit to change and lead themselves FIRST
    - they choose to operate with a different set of rules
    - ultimately, they set ONLY few clear goals for the year

    It still worth saying.... Happy new year ( trust you are not just marking time).

    1. Happy New Year to you here's my take on the above.

      Record and experiences show it's the same every year for people where 2 sets emerge. Those who make intentional decisions and those who make emotional resolutions, just following blindly in the predefined practice of setting new plans for a new year either as a mental exercise only or making actual notes to refer to after the euphoria of the first few months. The set of people who make theirs with consciousness and a clear mind setting SMART goals are the ones who see their goals through the year (though even this doesn't always happen) and the only reason they are deterred midway is if they have a new wisdom or insight that was previously unavailable while setting those goals but you can be rest assured that a higher percentage of the planned becomes actual.

      The ones who were merely emotional about setting resolutions also have the opportunity to become deliberate at some point if they also gain new wisdom. So they may have that zeal for a while to follow through on their many objectives, coast for the other months and become purposeful at the tail end of the year when reality kicks in that they never achieved prior targets.

      It's all a choice really but we can never take away the core ingredient necessary for having a fulfilling year - PREPARATION...and no, I am just not marking time. I am committed to achieving better results, I am committed to leading myself 1st.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Seyi, go dazzle.

  4. This sure got me thinking on all I intend to do in 2015. Such a timely piece! Thank you Lola. We will sure dazzle in 2015!!!!

  5. Wow!!! Just look at who says she doesn't do Prose.. Bet WAIT!!! lemme go check to be sure this was you, so you don't come and tell me later that this was a guest post like the last time :(.. **Scrolls up** "Posted 5 days ago by Oyinlola Sobowale" Okay Bubba that certifies it.. You know ehn Lola, have you ever read a post that makes you want to stand up and clap at your screen? You know I MEAN give a standing ovation kinda post.. Well that's the kinda post this is...

    You know yeah, I soooo needed this, as my life hangs on a balance today.. But this line: ""I have learned to completely trust God not because of what He has done or not done but because of the tremendous power He wield''" It gave me hope Bubba. I have been saying to baba that i will trust him regardless of the outcome of the meeting on my behalf today, but this kinda reassured my stand. Nice one Bubba. This post was apt on all level, and **In the voice of i loveeeeeeetttt heheheheh Nice one Lola, and i wish you a ghen ghen 2015.

    P.S: Bia Bubba, with all due respect ehn, what happened to our Experria deal? saw your comment oh, and it is important to say that I never Hexsperred the price hike oh lmao.. The thing caught me unawares like fuel subsidy :(. hahahahahah i am even mini broke nah cause of a project I am doing, so I am hoping Lola turns into a mama Christmas. We miss you on Instagram though... **Crying in French... Cheers Bubba.

    1. I'm tensed Duru, so much to do but guess what/who I turned to during the 5 seconds breather I, I mean your comment *hehehehehe* You sure know how to lift one's energy level with your wisecracks. Welcome back mate, how was the villa. I do hope the undisclosed project you spent money on isn't a young Adaobi back in the woods...if I hear!

      It's always always a pleasure to read from you, thank you. I am still 'smartphoneless' at the moment, no thanks to icell *mtcheeew* I shall be back on IG soon hopefully. Have an even more ghen ghen 2015