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THe 20s tag!!!

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Whoop! Whoop!! Whoop!!! So I got tagged by Miss TLG who is also a blogger and somehow my strategic nose is twitching...I smell an award coming soon. Friends rejoice with me, maybe I should start writing stories full time. Any nay? Yay? *chop knuckle* I see you agree with me. Gracias. Feather kisses.

So this is what I am supposed to do; write 20 random facts about myself and tag 10 bloggers to continue the exercise. You ready for the reveal? Here goes...welcome to my mind & life.

1. As posh as I am, I still find it difficult to squelch my crave for 'dundun' and 'akara'. That's fried yam and bean cake/akara balls (as my former facilitator would say) sold on the roadside. I still bought akara on Sunday before Church. I know. I know. I couldn't even wait to do it in the dark...arrrrrrrgh.

2. I really don't like sharing my bathing soap, the thought alone gives me rashes.

3. Asides from being naturally shy, one of the reasons for my quietness is my fear of speaking and mispronouncing words especially the 'H' thingy. Yeah! Sadly I fall into that category of Yorubas with H-factor Syndrome. *sobs quietly* Please don't force me to use 'H' words. Him vs Inn. Heat vs Eat. Her. Here. Hear. Harp. Hat. Heart. Hack. Heck...whew!

4. I get excited over the littlest of things like a friend sending me 100 naira airtime. It makes me happy to know they care enough. Just weird things excite me.

5. I love looking sexy even though you hardly ever see a pound of flesh out. No cleavage showing. Maybe some flesh above the knee and that's because I do skirts but usually I am all covered. smiles. Someone actually once referred to me as a "sexy conservative".

6. Hmmm...this one is somehow. I like a lot of things. Sometimes I don't understand myself either. I love the thought of riding power bikes; playing the guitar; being a drummer; being a dance instructor; a lecturer; a poet; a stage actor (not the modern day Nollywood actors o. I love stage drama)...well I guess I tend towards an artistic person.

7. I hardly watch TV so please don't ask me about that TV programme. I read books mostly. Books that will edify my spirit, increase my knowledge and improve me basically but before before, tey tey in secondary school, all I read was Mills & Boon. I have sure grown.

8. I have this very solid n superb laptop. HP- Beats by Dre. Great output. Core 15. Intel. Radeon graphics. Windows 7, etcetera. I've had it for two years now and it is still pristine (all my things usually are). Sadly, I doubt I have used up to 10% of its capacity. I watch movies, use MS-word, read blogs, update mine, read and send emails, surf the net and...dasall!

9. I'm not a very friendly person. I don't mean I am rude just that I find it pretty hard to sit, chat and form friendliness. But if I hear you listening to rock song? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I will be the one chasing you for is instant love plus lust rolled together. My bae once said the only times he sees my face light up for real is when I'm listening to rock songs and recently this blog became a 2nd lighter of my face.

10. If you have only my MTN mobile no, then you are my friend. If you have only my Airtel, you are on the fence but if you have both...I love you to pieces.

11. I love my few friends to pieces. I can do anything for them.

12. I have a thing for guys with big eyeballs as I have also noticed Osun State guys have this by default. I really can't explain it. Lord have mercy. I usually end up lusting, I can't lie. *wipes sweat off face* Next random fact please?

13. I am too proud to ask, I am also not too shy to ask for help...go figure!

14. I go for interviews and presentations and people are wowed then they make me wonder if it was really me they heard! I can so dazzle. Then someplace else I am as mute as...*scratches head* what is the most quiet? Then people wonder if I have anything upstairs at all. Chei. How dare they question my intelligence!

15. I love beautiful things. I really do. Animate or inanimate.

16. I have a knack for rearranging so when you are looking for any of your stuff, be sure to ask me.

17. I love eba even though I have been forced to cut down on it. Reason?  Weight ish! I can eat 3-4 days old eba as long as there is no mildew. I'll save my favourite soup for hubby, make no one come put love portion inside soup for me. I can't fit shout.

18. I am very strict. I get called ice-queen. I give the 'eyes' just like my mama taught me. Funny, she used to give me the 'eyes' when I was younger and that was always a call to order to respect myself but that upturned years later when she became the recipient of the icy looks, eyes glaring, eyes rolling from me. She knew not to ask me about bringing home a man especially - my stern looks did the magic and to think she taught me. Hehehehehehe

19. Despite my strictness, I am still very soft and a romantic to the nines. Deep down I am a softie. Just play rock songs to my hearing and you have my heart.

20. I love God. I talk and chat with him everywhere. I make normal conversations with him. He makes me chuckle. He loves colours too, those bright and beautiful ones. Everything I have that are matched were not decided by me. I just realise after accumulating them that they match perfectly and I turn my face upward to heaven and just giggle like a schoolgirl saying, "Lord aren't you the fashionista?

I'm sure you know more about me now than you have in yearssssssss. Let's do this again. I enjoyed every bit. So up next I am nominating these great bloggers who inspire as well as make me laugh everyday...Thelma, Miss Purpleheart , Crazy Nigerian, Eniola, Frank, Olushola, Hollardave,.

So that's how many? 7? hmmmm. All the other bloggers I know have done this already. It aff do. Catch the vibe and get some good laugh while at it beautiful people.


  1. awwwwwwww thank you thank you thank you me love. No shame in dundu o, i eat it too mehn. I'm also a very very conservative dresser and I hate T.V. But loosen up and cut momc some slack okay ? She loves you lolo. xoxo

  2. Nice...she loves me to pieces!!! touched! Love you too baby! *kisses* *hugs*.

    BTW, I hate having to write my name every time I need to comment, but i'm sure you know who I am. How was IB waka?


    1. I'm guessing who this is jo. Laughing. You already revealed yourself by making reference to the IB waka. Just get a gmail account show off your beautiful face. Much love

  3. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.com16 October 2014 at 08:53

    kisses to you on 1, Amen sister. 5 is so me, TV is also a No for me, lappy, notebook and phone, bye-bye world! Welcome to my world @ 15 & 16.
    Thanks for the tag hun. I did my 20s in August see -

    1. 3 out of 20 is the same? That's 15%...hmmmm. That can't make us twins maybe we could pass for distant cousins, you know.
      Thanks for checking in...I just read yours and I think we would pass for sisters based on this.

      Check these out:

      - I used to be a better dancer - I dance like a guy.
      - Yeah I sometimes have mood swings but they don't last- tick
      - I could be annoyingly nonchalant - tick
      - I hate it when people step on my shoes
      - I don't like dirty kitchens and bathrooms - so ticking this
      - I listen to music and sing along when doing my chores-tick
      - I feel unusually excited when I get my laundry from the cleaners- tick
      - The picture of how clean a dirty space will look like in my head drives me through the process of cleaning- tick
      - I can sometimes be overly respectful - so ticking this

      9 outta 20 is 45%. Not bad at all sister. Muah

  4. Ok .... i think you know who this is....Never ever knew that you had an idea I have a blog (if you can call that a blog) not to talk of laffin at anything i write... its no big deal i know, but hey (f dat its a big deal joor)... Thanks ehn. will do mine soon when i get around to knowing who i am really *lolzz*.. still baffled ***dancing shoki*** funmie.

    1. You commented on my blog once remember? You must have seen the excomm tag...then I checked you out *detective Oyin* and voilà! Saw your blog, reciprocated and the rest is history.

    2. ok.... I have this ur MTN number, but i dont know if its d one dat makes me ur friend or not. i am definitely not sittin on d fence so dat means i dont av d airtel...can i call dat MTN out?

  5. Nicely put together. ..

  6. hmmmmm, all these i have known over the years apart from the thing with big eye balls.... can't stop laughing but all these things makes u special and very, very unique.. Shy but confident that's one combination you tend to pull so well it baffles me......

    1. ...and as always JAJ, you spoil me with your highly complimentary words. Me daa si

  7. You forgot to put you are loveable from just reading this you are likeable...some of these I related.. I am a softie as well but one day I wowed acrowd when I did some 14Minutes Mc'ing. And I was shocked with their reactions.You mean you did that..'''like you u said they questioned my confidence and brilliance.

    1. I'm gonna burst. Oh I'm sooo gonna burst with all these beautiful words. Thank you ma'am. I just like it when people don't see me coming you know, it's always a blessing to be underestimated then you over deliver...gbam! Thanks for checking in.

  8. Finally someone who is tush like me but loves akara:)

    1. Welcome to my akara-world. These folks don't know what they are missing I tell you ;-)

  9. goddamnbullshit.. i commented here last week nah, where did my comment go? I dropped by to say hallo, and bam, No Duru's comment. **crying in French. I even subscribed, so i have read all the comments and all. **Shrugs... nawa for google oooo. Its nice to finally understand you small Bubba, you are a real package oooo. Did i hear Beats by Dre and all those many many properties? So you have that kind ghen ghen lappie, and you havent used it yeah?? Thats a sin against Laptop-hood :( Hmmnn I rocked my lappie till it gave up its hard disk. May the Hard diskof my HP 620 R.I.P...

    Truly from your outward disposition on your pictures, i could tell you are a No- Nonsense lady, but it amazes me how you are still cheerful and warm still... Oh! Yeah! Now I know why. I guess you are one of those Awesome by nature kinda ladies.. iTrip.

    P.S; Although i had to re-read this again ( thanks to Google **Angry face) it was still a fun read regardless.. I hope to one day be able to meet thee oh! :)

    1. This internet space is scaring me more n more with all the news and tales of disappearing comments + blogs; hacked accounts and all! Nawa. Anyways, I shall repent as regards that laptop...I'll put to full use.

      What are the birthday plans o?

  10. Nice read. And I know the favourite soup. Still wonder how people eat it. Don't worry, secrets are safe with me.
    About the big eye thing? Now I understand.
    Nice read as always. Always with a funny tinge to it. Keep it up.

  11. "Now I understand?" oya start spilling! Those three words are heavily laced bro

  12. Hmmmmm. Great read always. I like the eyes😉 i got to know about my mama's on time cuz waking up at midnight to be beaten wasn't funny at all. Hilarious piece. Now i know why you are a talkative one minute and withdrawn the next.

  13. *hehehehehehe* to the "eyes" from mama and my extremes, sometimes.