Friday, 29 August 2014

Worth Blogging Experience...

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DISCLAIMER - The question in the post does not in any way reflect the thoughts of the writer; it is strictly for discourse amongst readers.

Me and my many 'driver-encounters'...*long sigh*

So this time around, I heard something confusingly interesting from another driver and I am just going to turn it into a question to you all.

Here goes...

A married boy or a married man, is there a difference???

He said there is and it is better for a lady to date a married boy than a married man.

I still have my confused look on so don't ask me. In a way this is an opinion poll, let's hear you.


  1. Okaaayyy.. marriage is marriage ooo.. Whether done young or at an old age.. I feel one should respect that sanctuary of vows in which the marriage was made, and desist from engaging with another ones better half.

    P.S: i dunno why oo Oyinlola, but I am kinda living against my theory above.. I have in recent times being crushing on my married female friends, you know sex chatting lots and almost leading towards sex oooo may i not be a vessel to destroy another mans home oooo.. :) Hiya Bubba... So its frisking time :)