Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Let's talk Protection!

Posted by Oyinlola Sobowale on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 in , | 4 comments
I saw a picture of three Palestinian boys a couple of weeks ago and the eldest could only have been about 10years old yet they laid motionless in their innocence; their entire future taken away from them in an instant by forces suspected to be the Israelis. 
The numerous lives taken by the Islamist boko-haram group in Nigeria. Reports of ghastly motor accidents. People slumping. A housewife in the process of setting up her petty shop being forcefully knocked into 'the other life' by a reckless drunk driver. Several tales!

As much as we will like to follow the natural progression of birth to old age before death, there seems to be no logic behind who the cold hands of death grasps and as if we don’t have enough to worry about...in came Ebola! Yes, Ebola! I have tried to steer clear of this matter but going through the papers in the past few days, (which my job as a Media Services Manager requires of me), all the newspapers' captions have Ebola either as prefixes or suffixes; the 2nd most talked about after the 2015 Presidential election! *This isn't just an opinion, the facts are there to see*

A NEW TRUTH - There is panic everywhere but can we focus on living instead? An eye-witness report comes to mind of a 'Bunmi' who broke a beer bottle against a male friend's head because the young man grabbed her from behind because the lady in question has been on the conscious path of avoiding every form of bodily contact, even with family members. Sounds hilarious, doesn't it - the bottle breaking that is.

Don't panic. Focus on living! Living in this context also goes beyond staying alive; it is focusing on doing the things that refreshes & makes you happy. It could be taking that long due vacation (Nigerians are not known for taking vacations though- something else to mull over on another day). Go to that place you’ve always dreamt of or finally asking out that girl that gives you the tingle when she passes by. Although studies have shown spending money on experiences makes you feel more alive than on material things, I say you do whatever works for you as long as it takes your mind off the 'panic'.

On a final note it is important that you stay alive first before you have any shot at all at living...so back to the 'Ebola ish',I am not a Medical expert but this Ebola syndrome makes HIV aids look like child’s play. It is important therefore that we observe all barrier rules that have been put forward by those in charge. 

So how should you protect yourself?
Stay away from all bodily fluids of those that you suspect could be infected (regardless of who they might be) and report such cases as soon as possible (there is nothing to be ashamed of).
Wash your hands repeatedly...soap will do the trick.

Keep a sanitizer handy.
You can go as far as sanitizing a handkerchief by dipping in bleach, diluted of course. keep the handkerchief in a Ziploc so the wetness can be retained then use at intervals to wipe your hands. 

While I strongly believe in prayers, this salt and bitter-kola issue has shown the extent to which folks can go in trivializing issues regardless of their grave consequence. It is then advisable that prayers go along with adopting the barrier-rules and contacting the necessary authorities for any suspected case.

Until my next ranting, stay alive and keep living.


  1. I've known about the ebola virus since 1998. I first read about it in the Guinness book of world records as it was classified then as the worlds most deadly disease.
    It's emergence in Nigeria has come as a major shock, considering the circumstances in which the first reported case emerged.
    That being said, the LASG has done a good job thus far and I believe the private sector can do more.

    I for one have been taking personal hygiene very seriously these days. I wash my hands every time. Sanitisers at my work station and my table at home. I ensure the toilets at work are at the utmost sanitary conditions as most people fail to understand that this is a more likely "pick up" spot than a hand shake.
    The cleaners are tired of me as im quick to point out a droplet of urine on the floor. You know how us men tend to miss the target when aiming for the urinal. We keep forgeting we arr not snipers. (Leave the accuracy test for the pro's)

    May the good Lord keep us.

  2. Nice piece Oyinlola.......Nigeria will be better able to contain the spread of the ebola virus with massive grassroots education on it's causes, symptoms and numbers to reach in case of suspected cases. Lagos State is ahead of others on this already. The governor held meetings with reps of various Landlord associations yesterday educating them on how to address suspected cases. Its funny that some Nigerians do not still believe ebola is real.....Anyway, im in agreement with Oyinlola that we should live our lives rather than live in fear. Ebola Virus might be physical but what of other viruses that are psychological.......that procrastination, that fear to step out and executive your written business plans, that fear of trusting people even when they truly mean well, that fear of marital failure, those negativities........the list goes on. Draw closer to God, believe in His plans for you and buy Into it by doing your part, rejoice in Him always and watch Him decorate your destiny. Remember yesterday is gone, today is all you have because tomorrow isn't your's yet...........LIVE YOUR LIFE!

  3. Ebola has been there since the 70s. Iv documentaries about it as a child. This time it is getting more attention because of the spread. so sad, the people that died from it, especially the health workers and family members caring for others. Nigeria as a nation should recognize the sacrifice of this lady Doctor that held the in famous Patrick Sawyer from fleeing quarantine.....she died yesterday. we must live without fear, alive of purpose so that we may be valued and recognized by our community both while alive or dead.

  4. @"it is important that you stay alive first before you have any shot at all at living"

    Hiya Lola of Destiny! Soo.. I was talking with a Blogger yesterday and gushing about how intelligent you are.. and how much wisdom of the Universe flows through your fine self.. and trust me baby mi.. She agreed full time.. The above quoted extract entered my Ishi Okpukpo (Coconut Head) like Hospital injection... and it had me thinking deep. Truly Nne.. We cannot kweSHIon life.. nor the Decision of the universe as regards who lives or Dies.. but we must try our best to stay alive eh! as this life e sweet gannn! heheh

    Thinking back at the Ebola ish.. one can only say #ItcanonlybeGOD cause say we survive.. as a nation so carefree.. Omo that one is not a Joking things ehh! inshort eet eezzz Testimony of Life on its own.

    Blessings Bubba!