Friday, 8 August 2014

That familiar

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Block! I heard about it, couldn’t figure how it would be
Pause! I’m thinking in my head what this pen is doing in my hand
Coughs! That train is lost, maybe I’m experiencing the block!
I’m on…pen slipping on paper, words scribbled without stutter
I’m sitting in a damn zone staring into bony face
I dredged up an image of him
His new height I hadn’t gotten so familiar with
I dredged up an image of him
The ever firm smile on his ebony face
I’m staring into his face till he became real before me…
Back to life! Risen from the dead!
“Just for a while, lol,” he said
“Only to sit with you and chat for a lil while”
“Oh! OV! Thought you are here for good”
“I got so many questions but I just wanna savour this moment…”
I’m sitting close to my best friend, I hear his laughter as it soothes my soul
I’m sitting close to my best friend, I feel his hands as they wipe my tears
I’m sitting close to my best friend, I feel his touch as he lifts me unto his laps
I’m sitting close to my best friend, I feel his breath as he holds my head atop his shoulder
I still cry, maybe not every day no more
Maybe the tears don’t even gush like before
Maybe my body doesn’t convulse with sobs no more
But I still wonder why…why do good people ever die?
I think of you, where you could have been, where you would have been…
I’m thinking of you
And my heart breaks over and over again Ov
We miss you    


  1. so touching, can feel the pain and sadness, the tears and lonely many lines in-between lines...just perfect

  2. I'll be back to comment

  3. This rings a bell.
    Only the departed can tell "what is next?" Not religion, science nor philosophy. To hear from the horse's mouth... only the dead have the first hand details of what happens next. One of the greatest mysteries of all.

    However, one thing I'm being forced to accept, dear writer, is that even if the departed had the chance to come back, it is most likely he/she wouldn't.. regardless of what and whom are left behind.
    Hence we live our own lives on... And work to have such unwavering peace when we depart too... but in the Lord.
    Be strong.

  4. The departed do come back sometimes. They come to say proper goodbyes and if you did see some who relocate to live new lives, you would know that Mama dint just tell tales by moonlight. I have seen even in dreams, they sometimes wanna relay a message. Even the whites believe in talking with some ghosts that stick around for justice and I'm not talking about a movie. Just because we don't see don't mean it isn't real. I feel your pain darling but we just have to move on and remember them not in pain.

  5. That handwriting