Friday, 29 August 2014

Clutters...the unfinished thoughts

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"In a game, where no one loses and no one wins...
In a game where no one watches and no one sees"

"A story of a young man, whose life was a short one...
Born in the wake of winter, frostiness ushered him inside
He is by the name spider, who spins the silk gossamer"

"I'm skittish
now he had to mention my weight
I'm binging
got to shed some of this sh**
eating & puking..."

"My ex and I as thick as thieves
We roamed the street, had no place to sit
Slept in the dark, a single clothe on our backs
we smiled still, hand in hand in love
My ex and I as thick as thieves
So in love even a blind man could see"

"He really wants to get there
She's so tempted to bare them"

"She's all talk and no walk"

"Who heard the story, of the lil girl with a box of jewellery
Who came and stole it, her only 'bread' in the midst of nothing"

"When I need to whine
My words don't rhyme
The sentences don't even jive
I'm unashamed of the tears
UN-bothered by the stares"

Well, I can't seem to find all my jotters. Some unfinished thoughts are forever lost to me.

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  1. Don't we all just have them? "Unfinished thoughts"

  2. I've got tons of them.....unfinished thoughts
    i could tell you of one that stands out
    me and my still-born lover
    she still lives in my dreams
    a lady......beautiful,smart,intelligent,quite charming
    from day one, it was obvious we couldn't be.
    I shot my self in the leg when i took to another,
    yet, she still is somewhat of a muse.

  3. Hmmmm!!! reminds me of Nas' Book of Rhymes; words lost to him that he couldn't complete or never put into music. We all have them and the irony is that our best works are probably the unfinished ones.
    Honeylols baby, nice 1 again

    1. "Our best works are probably the unfinished ones," that's just EPIC. Thanks for the positively glowing words.

  4. They didn't use to be unfinished when i was but a child but they just remained that way as i grew. Great one