Friday, 25 July 2014

Worth Blogging Experience...

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Another driver-encounter, only this time I wasn’t in the car with him. I shared my first encounter last month in my worth blogging experience. This incident I am about to describe actually happened some three months ago before my academic journey at the Lagos Business School ended…*has it ended really? Musing*. That’s gist for another day as even I don’t know the answer…YET!

Back to my story…

This particular day started out like any other. I woke up in the morning, maybe a little later than usual as it was a lecture-free day for me…one of those beautiful Wednesdays!*pauses to relish memories*. I went to school for the usual though which was the DD (discounted delicacy) served at the school’s cafeteria plus free Wi-Fi, *Gosh! How I miss these luxuries*

At about 2pm I felt satiated after having ‘maxed’ out my Wi-Fi use for the day (the exact usage is different for every individual by the way).But I chose to go home at this point to rest my pretty cat eyes, so I said my byes to loved ones and took to the road in my baby shoes. My house between was just a 10-minute walk. I had nearly reached my junction where I would veer off the main road when I got a call to return to school for some matters of the heart…*sealed lips*.

I gladly made a turnaround and walked back in the direction of the school then I got another call from a dear friend (a classmate) who wanted to know where I was. We were chatting away on the phone as I trotted towards the school gate when a car suddenly parked beside me and honked to get my attention. When I say car, I mean car! (Oko bamba). It was an SUV; not rickety looking at all. The driver honked severally for me to stop and somehow I just told myself to be nice…maybe he genuinely needed directions. Since I was familiar with the area, I felt I could be of help but yours dearest told friend to stay on the line.

I had my phone close to my right ear still and peered into the car to see a decent looking man. Obviously well-kept from the tone of his skin. His looks were not bad at all and trust me when I say he was not bad looking at all…my friends accuse me of liking FINE DUDES! He had a very good haircut; expensive looking spectacles perched on his nose and looked to be in his late 40s. All these happened in the space of 2-3 minutes o as I still had my friend on the phone and reason I can give such graphical description is because I have learnt to profile people especially potential clients whom we fondly referred to as ‘potees’ while working with a real estate firm selling luxury apartments.

Conscious of the burning airtime I asked the man if he wanted description then to my surprise he said no, only to go ahead in his request for me to come spend some time with him. All the while I had my eyes glued on his face but from my peripheral vision I noticed he had on shorts. I didn’t quite comprehend his audacity and asked him again what he said…my brothers and sisters na so this man repeat himself say, “I want you to come spend some time with me…can’t you see I’m trying to release” then his gaze went downwards and mine followed suit. I wasn’t in the car with him o. I was standing by the roadside just in front of school and this very lost fellow needed someone to help him release whatever poison he had in his system. He was actually holding his ‘ding dong mcdork’ through the corner of his shorts and he was stroking it up and down for me to see! OMG! (Please don’t ask me what it looked like).

Was I shocked? You damn bet I was more than shocked! I was screaming at the top of my tiny voice and my friend was worried; asking at the other end of the line if everything was okay. Luckily enough he was also close to the school and he said he was going to stop. All the while this man was still in his car idling in it although I had walked away then and my friend joined me as I quickly narrated what happened…he went in the direction of the car to have a look at the man who could have boldly done that sort of thing! It wasn’t until the man saw a guy approach that he drove off!

I never ever heard anything like this before o! Never seen it done either in broad daylight at that! I’ve heard of men giving ladies lifts and wanting to forcefully have their way with them especially at night. I’ve also heard of men who shamelessly chase everything in skirt! Honestly I wonder why…

But who does this really?

Writer's note - oko bamba is a Yoruba description meaning mighty car.


  1. Horrible, disgusting,......i lack words. What the hell. Im sorry for your trouble, it is mine as well Lola. You may tell the story but dont let it rub on you. Ladies be careful with the "oko bambas" so many sick dudes riding in them. You should always peek in befor jumping in. Dont mean to sound judgemental but somtimes i wonder why God would place such wealth and opportunity in the hands of such loosers.....just thinking!

  2. Hin papa!
    Oyin of all?!lol

  3. A friend of mine has had a similar experience with the man pleading like he was going to die, the amazing thing was they were inside Luth carpark and anyone could have seen him if she had raised alarm.sickos with oko bambabamba everywhere

    1. Na real wa! If anyone had told me this, I probably would have had difficulty believing as I tend to see everyone as sane and mature. Why go around brandishing your weaponry? Are there no better ways to approach the opposite sex again?!

  4. very shocking!!!!!!! was he sane at all, it's incredible how some men degrade the male gender....i truly feel he's not sane

  5. Pele Oyin, the world is full of evil these days, na only God dey help o. This one is so crazy and I'm sorry for whoever allows herself to be his victim cuz some of them are cursed.