Sunday, 13 July 2014

What matters...

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Big ups to every advocate around the world; supporting one cause or the other. My cap is doffed a thousand and one times to your doggedness, the largeness of your heart, your unconditional love and compassion for others.

Yesterday, I joined a league of concerned citizens gladly and we walked the streets of Lagos joyfully…a sweet walk of destiny it was amazingly.

Our aim you wonder?

It was intended as a sensitization and awakening of the Nigerian youths to the essence of reading. We hope and pray for a revival - a quick revival of the READING CULTURE! So dead it’s become if you ask me. Libraries are non-existent, the existing ones emptied of good books! Or what else can one ascribe as the cause of the poor performances recently reported in WAEC, JAMB (post UME inclusive) and all other institutional examinations? 80% failure rate is damn appalling for a nation considered the African giant!

Gone are those days when Nigerian institutions and the country at large churned out professionals in the thousands; intelligent professionals that were attractive to global communities. Suddenly our great nation dried up then began to hire the same professionals that were outsourced; nurses, doctors and teachers in droves from surrounding countries. What happened to our resources? Suddenly and sadly unemployable they’ve become - what with the thriving business in falsification of results! How can anyone even make a good show of knowledge not to talk of expertise in any way?

Kola Oyeyemi birthed this vision. He and his team of dynamic individuals are at the forefront of the ‘Readers are Leaders’ initiative which I am very proud to play a supporting role to – it is a laudable cause.

*I was only a volunteer sha* Laughing.


So a lot was said about active reading which goes beyond what a lot of us did in school, by that I mean the art and act of reading for the singular purpose of passing exams. Is this the right way to go? Definitely not! My personal take is taking up reading extensively to include non-academic books as well. What this does to you is to provide adequate knowledge that will position you. Simply put, you become better informed. Better educated. Better enlightened and aware of global occurrences which ultimately helps you to pass the test of life.

The truth is every time you read, you wipe out a foot of ignorance – ALLI BABA.

Even if you do not read make a conscious effort to listen to people who read, this way you are able to access and glean knowledge from them. But really of what essence is it if you can read and don’t read? How does that distinguish you from someone who cannot read at all? You are no better my dear if you fall in that category. Definitely not!
I urge you therefore to engage actively in reading as learning is the most important aspect of it. Improve your bragging right by getting an education and bear in mind that education is way different from going to school…I ALMOST graduated from the university without letting the school pass through me, thankfully I came to realisation of it on time. Learning takes different forms as it doesn't end within the four walls of a school but a lot comes from reading. Join the trail and please spread the word...#dororeader #dororead #dorostudy


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