Sunday, 20 July 2014

Old man Jack

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Old man Jack
Caged in that shack
The only sound his laugh; coarse yet hearty all of the time
They hope he stops to dream, what a gaffe!
Mocked and derided
At his ‘ghost sons’ whom they secretly mourn
Locked up and knocked down
For his many debts, they know would never be returned
Still his laugh will rise above the mountains
Echoes of joyful sounds
On empty stomach and broken back
Blind in eyes but not in sight; he sees still
A free future with his sons coming home
Charging on white horses, quick to rescue him
From the mess of deprivation and many years of starvation
Then they will sit in palaces as he retells his tales to the newly born
His laugh will be the same, ever tinged with praise…

Old man Jack
His mind can’t fail now; he won’t hit the sack!
Pangs of hunger. Beads of sweat.
Tired limbs and weakening spirit.
He jumps and leans on his stick and bellows some more…
He’s not mad
He’s only high
On something called faith; his only oasis in this wilderness
Unfamiliar terrain to kafirs; its potency ever fathomless
He dances some more as he hears footfalls

Light walk…
“Who is the night watch?” He calls
“It’s your wiry friend from the high walls,” was the response
Food ‘n’ water in right. Letter in left.
Oh! What news he brought!

Old man Jack…
Paul and Shaun, your sons
(GEMINI JAY)Freedom fighters, freedom writers
Still in bondage but free inside us
Eternal flames are what ignite us

That same burning that will divide us
A battlefield of invincible spears and arrows
We fight today and maybe tomorrows
Though treasures we seek are in places hollow
We’ll find them, o yes, adding strength to our marrow
Our pen, our mantle, our freedom
The bridge between mind and world
As it spins in the midst of emptiness and light
Telling tales of blood spills
For land, money and greed of a country
Your faith and strength is our hope, our pride, our joy
The day you dry our very souls shall ache

(HONIILOLS)Live still
Dream on
Of a beautiful castle with no chains tugging
Only of the lil ones pulling your sleeves as they play
Our laughter shall be boisterous reaching the ends of the earth…


  1. Thought provoking!!! Nice one, I must confess.

  2. Thought provoking!!! Nice one, I must confess.

  3. Nice piecs, keep it up.

  4. Nice one babe...sheun