Friday, 25 July 2014

Worth Blogging Experience...

Another driver-encounter, only this time I wasn’t in the car with him. I shared my first encounter last month in my worth blogging experience. This incident I am about to describe actually happened some three months ago before my academic journey at the Lagos Business School ended…*has it ended really? Musing*. That’s gist for another day as even I don’t know the answer…YET!

Back to my story…

This particular day started out like any other. I woke up in the morning, maybe a little later than usual as it was a lecture-free day for me…one of those beautiful Wednesdays!*pauses to relish memories*. I went to school for the usual though which was the DD (discounted delicacy) served at the school’s cafeteria plus free Wi-Fi, *Gosh! How I miss these luxuries*

At about 2pm I felt satiated after having ‘maxed’ out my Wi-Fi use for the day (the exact usage is different for every individual by the way).But I chose to go home at this point to rest my pretty cat eyes, so I said my byes to loved ones and took to the road in my baby shoes. My house between was just a 10-minute walk. I had nearly reached my junction where I would veer off the main road when I got a call to return to school for some matters of the heart…*sealed lips*.

I gladly made a turnaround and walked back in the direction of the school then I got another call from a dear friend (a classmate) who wanted to know where I was. We were chatting away on the phone as I trotted towards the school gate when a car suddenly parked beside me and honked to get my attention. When I say car, I mean car! (Oko bamba). It was an SUV; not rickety looking at all. The driver honked severally for me to stop and somehow I just told myself to be nice…maybe he genuinely needed directions. Since I was familiar with the area, I felt I could be of help but yours dearest told friend to stay on the line.

I had my phone close to my right ear still and peered into the car to see a decent looking man. Obviously well-kept from the tone of his skin. His looks were not bad at all and trust me when I say he was not bad looking at all…my friends accuse me of liking FINE DUDES! He had a very good haircut; expensive looking spectacles perched on his nose and looked to be in his late 40s. All these happened in the space of 2-3 minutes o as I still had my friend on the phone and reason I can give such graphical description is because I have learnt to profile people especially potential clients whom we fondly referred to as ‘potees’ while working with a real estate firm selling luxury apartments.

Conscious of the burning airtime I asked the man if he wanted description then to my surprise he said no, only to go ahead in his request for me to come spend some time with him. All the while I had my eyes glued on his face but from my peripheral vision I noticed he had on shorts. I didn’t quite comprehend his audacity and asked him again what he said…my brothers and sisters na so this man repeat himself say, “I want you to come spend some time with me…can’t you see I’m trying to release” then his gaze went downwards and mine followed suit. I wasn’t in the car with him o. I was standing by the roadside just in front of school and this very lost fellow needed someone to help him release whatever poison he had in his system. He was actually holding his ‘ding dong mcdork’ through the corner of his shorts and he was stroking it up and down for me to see! OMG! (Please don’t ask me what it looked like).

Was I shocked? You damn bet I was more than shocked! I was screaming at the top of my tiny voice and my friend was worried; asking at the other end of the line if everything was okay. Luckily enough he was also close to the school and he said he was going to stop. All the while this man was still in his car idling in it although I had walked away then and my friend joined me as I quickly narrated what happened…he went in the direction of the car to have a look at the man who could have boldly done that sort of thing! It wasn’t until the man saw a guy approach that he drove off!

I never ever heard anything like this before o! Never seen it done either in broad daylight at that! I’ve heard of men giving ladies lifts and wanting to forcefully have their way with them especially at night. I’ve also heard of men who shamelessly chase everything in skirt! Honestly I wonder why…

But who does this really?

Writer's note - oko bamba is a Yoruba description meaning mighty car.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Old man Jack

Old man Jack
Caged in that shack
The only sound his laugh; coarse yet hearty all of the time
They hope he stops to dream, what a gaffe!
Mocked and derided
At his ‘ghost sons’ whom they secretly mourn
Locked up and knocked down
For his many debts, they know would never be returned
Still his laugh will rise above the mountains
Echoes of joyful sounds
On empty stomach and broken back
Blind in eyes but not in sight; he sees still
A free future with his sons coming home
Charging on white horses, quick to rescue him
From the mess of deprivation and many years of starvation
Then they will sit in palaces as he retells his tales to the newly born
His laugh will be the same, ever tinged with praise…

Old man Jack
His mind can’t fail now; he won’t hit the sack!
Pangs of hunger. Beads of sweat.
Tired limbs and weakening spirit.
He jumps and leans on his stick and bellows some more…
He’s not mad
He’s only high
On something called faith; his only oasis in this wilderness
Unfamiliar terrain to kafirs; its potency ever fathomless
He dances some more as he hears footfalls

Light walk…
“Who is the night watch?” He calls
“It’s your wiry friend from the high walls,” was the response
Food ‘n’ water in right. Letter in left.
Oh! What news he brought!

Old man Jack…
Paul and Shaun, your sons
(GEMINI JAY)Freedom fighters, freedom writers
Still in bondage but free inside us
Eternal flames are what ignite us

That same burning that will divide us
A battlefield of invincible spears and arrows
We fight today and maybe tomorrows
Though treasures we seek are in places hollow
We’ll find them, o yes, adding strength to our marrow
Our pen, our mantle, our freedom
The bridge between mind and world
As it spins in the midst of emptiness and light
Telling tales of blood spills
For land, money and greed of a country
Your faith and strength is our hope, our pride, our joy
The day you dry our very souls shall ache

(HONIILOLS)Live still
Dream on
Of a beautiful castle with no chains tugging
Only of the lil ones pulling your sleeves as they play
Our laughter shall be boisterous reaching the ends of the earth…

Sunday, 13 July 2014

What matters...

Big ups to every advocate around the world; supporting one cause or the other. My cap is doffed a thousand and one times to your doggedness, the largeness of your heart, your unconditional love and compassion for others.

Yesterday, I joined a league of concerned citizens gladly and we walked the streets of Lagos joyfully…a sweet walk of destiny it was amazingly.

Our aim you wonder?

It was intended as a sensitization and awakening of the Nigerian youths to the essence of reading. We hope and pray for a revival - a quick revival of the READING CULTURE! So dead it’s become if you ask me. Libraries are non-existent, the existing ones emptied of good books! Or what else can one ascribe as the cause of the poor performances recently reported in WAEC, JAMB (post UME inclusive) and all other institutional examinations? 80% failure rate is damn appalling for a nation considered the African giant!

Gone are those days when Nigerian institutions and the country at large churned out professionals in the thousands; intelligent professionals that were attractive to global communities. Suddenly our great nation dried up then began to hire the same professionals that were outsourced; nurses, doctors and teachers in droves from surrounding countries. What happened to our resources? Suddenly and sadly unemployable they’ve become - what with the thriving business in falsification of results! How can anyone even make a good show of knowledge not to talk of expertise in any way?

Kola Oyeyemi birthed this vision. He and his team of dynamic individuals are at the forefront of the ‘Readers are Leaders’ initiative which I am very proud to play a supporting role to – it is a laudable cause.

*I was only a volunteer sha* Laughing.


So a lot was said about active reading which goes beyond what a lot of us did in school, by that I mean the art and act of reading for the singular purpose of passing exams. Is this the right way to go? Definitely not! My personal take is taking up reading extensively to include non-academic books as well. What this does to you is to provide adequate knowledge that will position you. Simply put, you become better informed. Better educated. Better enlightened and aware of global occurrences which ultimately helps you to pass the test of life.

The truth is every time you read, you wipe out a foot of ignorance – ALLI BABA.

Even if you do not read make a conscious effort to listen to people who read, this way you are able to access and glean knowledge from them. But really of what essence is it if you can read and don’t read? How does that distinguish you from someone who cannot read at all? You are no better my dear if you fall in that category. Definitely not!
I urge you therefore to engage actively in reading as learning is the most important aspect of it. Improve your bragging right by getting an education and bear in mind that education is way different from going to school…I ALMOST graduated from the university without letting the school pass through me, thankfully I came to realisation of it on time. Learning takes different forms as it doesn't end within the four walls of a school but a lot comes from reading. Join the trail and please spread the word...#dororeader #dororead #dorostudy

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Once Upon a Two Years...

A few tears. Some mess. Good friends through the years...I feel blessed.

Welcome to my LBS picture story...

My Favourite Songs' Lyrics in a Tale Gone Awry

*Active Reading Activated*
So here is how this is going to work...below is a short story really infused with some lines from my favourite songs.


Identity those lyrics; could be partial or the entire lines I added. Tell me the title of the song(s) and the artiste(s). Whoever gets all the songs will get a treat from me to go see a movie( No 3D movie please and no ice-cream or you get a recharge card equivalent of any network-especially if the winner is male *hehehehe*). Not to worry, if you my dear reader isn't resident in Nigeria, I'll do the honours with any friend of your choice.

HINT - I love rock songs, so that's what you are looking for plus I've got the lyrics scattered around from six different songs. Just six! Can't be that difficult yeah? Leggoooo...

The phone rang for the umpteenth time as Josh made his way out of the shower, his hair dripping water on the lush green carpet. A quick glance at the only source of light in the darkened room revealed an unknown number glaring back at him from his buzzing phone, only he knew who the caller would be - his very married ex! Josh made a mental calculation of how much longer it would take his long-time friend, newly-transitioned-into-girlfriend to wash and dry her hair as he picked the call whilst making his way to the balcony blocking out the sound of splashing water…

“Hey you,” came the purring voice

“Honey, why are you calling me so late? It’s kinda hard to talk right now”. “Honey”, Josh called at her again, “why are you calling, is everything okay? I got to whisper cos I can’t be too loud…see my girl is in the next room,” he looked around furtively. “Does he know you are talking to me? Will it start a fight?”

“No, he doesn’t know Josh,” was the faint response like that of a chastised child.

“So where is he or should I ask where you are instead. Hawaii? Rio Maggiore? Brussels?”

“We’ve been in town for a couple of days now actually and presently I am ten miles from town, I just broke down…spitting out smoke on the side of the road”. Honey cried, “I am out here alone trying to get home”.

“W…wait!” Josh broke in, “You mean you’ve been around and you just calling me? Well! Well!! Well!!! That’s a first. So what are you doing out this late…I mean early? It’s barely 5.00 am and we both know you don’t get up till 8’ in the morning”.

“I’ve been having trouble to sleep, been waking up at 4.12 and so I decided to drive round town before my car broke down…now I’m taking a smoke”.

“Arrrrrrrrgh…” worry suddenly creeping in, “is it safe where you are? Why not just call your sugar boy to come help you?” Josh asked

“Like you don’t know what the old hag is like. He wouldn’t even notice me missing,” Honey cried starting to whine again! “I got lost in the beauty of everything I saw but now I know better. Truly in the wrong place trying to make it right but I’m tired of justifying…come home Josh. Come home to me. I’ve made all the plans to leave hubby and start afresh with you. You know how happy we were together…come home ‘cause I’ve been waiting for you for so long and right now there’s a war between vanities but all I see is you and me and the fight for you is all I’ve ever known”

“Let’s start again,” she continued, her hands holding tightly to the phone, her breathing visibly heavy

“Honey…I’ve got to run now. I’m sorry I can’t help you this time around, it’s just very bad timing. I’ll call you back in the morning okay, just make sure to keep safe okay” he quickly cut her off and tucked his phone in his towel as Joy peered through the glass.

“Hey babe, what are you doing out here bare chested in the cold?” She opened the sliding glass widely and looked for tell-tale signs, “You are not tempted to take a puff again, are you?”

“No babe. I wouldn’t want to break my abstinence even though I feel kinda tempted right now”, his gaze trailing to the single stick of wrapped hemp in his left hand which he had intentionally brought along. “I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend, lucky to have been where I’ve been. I’m lucky to be in love again with a beautiful woman with a large heart…I wouldn’t want to lose you because of my excesses,” he hugged her tightly praying with all his core that she wouldn’t feel the bulge nor vibration through his towel, thinking at the same time…”oh no! What’s this? Spider web & I’m caught in the middle…”