Monday, 9 June 2014

The temptress' best friend

Posted by Lola on Monday, June 09, 2014 in | 3 comments
Walking down the tree-shaded road,right down to work...they've been doing that for years 

SHe was her neighbour from next door

SHe's been her best friend since age four

a chubby faced angel with long hair,she always thought they'd be the golden girls

Their hair is all trimmed the same,brown contact in both' eyes

still they wouldn't spare her a glance

SHe gets all the guys,even hers

She cries deep into the night wondering why...

Men's heads turn even when they had dates on their arms

SHe gets warnings,never punishment...SHe only needs to smile

SHe's got them freezing like shallow pond in winter

the temptress could get away with anything,only needs to bat them 'lashes too

Until he said 'hello'...he actually spoke her name

she's all smiles and giddy because they connect

its just her he likes

they sit out and chat for long whiles

late nights spent knowing her

he comes late from work,still rushes to her

they getting so deep in love and she hoped somehow...

but of course the temptress wouldn't rest

her best friend is @ it again!

chumming up to him,the soft whispers of sweet nothings

the smiles & laughs & sultry looks

the jokes & gentle sway of HEr hips

it works every time,SHe has them purring in no time

Playpen through senior secondary

First year through convocation

SHe sure has's called cheap stunts

this temptress never rested until SHe took away her man that ever mattered...

Writer's note - I hope i didn't confuse you with my 'SHe' and 'she' usage. It was the best way I knew to differentiate the friends without ruining the rhymes...'SHe' is the temptress and 'she' the best friend


  1. Friends sometimes do silly stuffs like that, no respect for the friendship they have with others. My mom always told me "family is far better than friends" and learnt that in a hard way. Well, she should move on and someday a man who will love her for real will come along. Nice concept- poetic licence. Sheun

  2. Very true my sister, some people just want to have it all but family being far better than friends? Hmmm...immediate family or extended? I think we should explore that some more. I shall see you in camera.

    Your comments are always refreshing, thanks a bunch.

  3. You are welcome dearie. Family as in immediate not that they are all nice but there's something about the blood. Some friends are far better than family but rare.