Wednesday, 25 June 2014


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How do I say these things?
When I know the hurt they could bring
How should I say these things?
Should I act, talk, write or sing?

Why do I feel these things?
The jolt in heart, the leaps, the springs
How dare I feel these things!
Isn't this the stuff that ruins kings?

But it's you I get to see in my dreams
The forbidden fruit in the midst of the stream
It's you that causes my mind to scream
When both my lips are held by a seam

First a strike, then a spark, now a burning flame
And my life is never the same again
Then the breeze; the wind of rains came
But the burning still remains the same

Wish it were just your beauty and enchanting dressing
At least I won't be on my bed now stressing
Wish it were just your brain and lovable person
Then it could be any girl who's good with her lessons

It's clear I'm destined to live out this pretense 
with smoke in my nostrils, flames in my lens
With a wish and a hope held in fretful patience
For that time and space where 'WE' will make sense...

Post Credit goes to Gemini Jay