Sunday, 1 June 2014

Our Immoralities...their kinks

Posted by Oyinlola Sobowale on Sunday, June 01, 2014 in , | 13 comments

We sat in the shadowed hallway

On rafters made of fronds

That at any given moment of any day

Could break and let us fall

But what difference will it make with our bodies all mangled and torn

Still no help even with all our calls

We doubt the existence of life

Absolutely no sound from beyond these walls

Not of rain patters in this season of many rain, nary a squeaky sound of mice

Is anyone searching, our colleagues and neighbours maybe

Our captors in our cunts they belong

Mornings, in our drugged state are for us to sleep

At night-time they return for a bountiful feast, bringing more friends along

Glugging on our nipples till they sore, these creeps!

All the kicks and angry fists landing in between the deep-sated beastly moans

We traded our stories, in between wakefulness and drowsiness

But alas, are we different in the ordeal we are passing through?

Out there in the larger society today the depraved roams looking for victims

One can never predict the manner or nature of his iniquitous trap

Just like the two experiences from weeks ago...

An innocent ride down the road, he seemed nice…”why not”, I thought

A down-the-street drive of 10 minutes turned weeks in this hellhole

My immorality? He said I enticed him with the slits in my dress

A quick drop off of some urgent deliveries made earlier after he left the office

She accepted the offer of a drink only to wake up in this stink

Her immorality? He said she came at him with barely enough cloth covering her 'cleaves'

My story and hers, same with all of ours.

You judge us too?


  1. Wow nice write up Oyin... I feel like am rite dere with dose girls.. Seeing and feeling their torment... Also the anguish of wot other rape victims av been thru...

    1. Thank you Wemimo. I tried also to feel their torment, I just couldn't capture it all and express in words. Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts ;-)

  2. ".... her immorality? He said I enticed him with the slits in my dress..." No reason(s) will ever be good enough to justify rape!

    1. None whatsoever darling. No one deserves to be dehumanized so; underage, adult, male or female.
      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.

  3. ".... her immorality? He said I enticed him with the slits in my dress..." No reason(s) will ever be good enough to justify rape!

  4. Olugbesan Adetunji2 June 2014 at 18:50

    Rapists,like terrorists, shouldn't be allowed to live....they leave indelible scars and gruesome memory with der victims. Ladies however should BEWARE and not judge the moral sanity of a man based on his cool and pleasant physical appearance or religious attachments......for all you know,that soft-spoken, spiritual, drop-dead handsome guy at your place of work or church might just be another sex monster. TREAD SOFTLY!

    1. Hmmm...very deep thoughts Adetunji. The advice will be taken to heart. There are great lessons to be learnt from the circumstances of other people and I hope also that justice will be served.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts :-)

  5. very deep. can i share?

    1. Please feel free to share. Thanks for reading...

  6. My thoughts exactly @ Osas but and sorry if you don't want to hear any buts cuz there truly is a but. In this world of craziness, we should show forth our sanity and not join the group of insane people. This write up has done a great job to bring it to our attention but let the ladies show some decency! Don't start what you can't finish, the devil is out there to kill, steal and destroy. Do your best not to give him a chance. Ladies now post half naked pics everywhere, they go to parties with friends without knowing the main plan, they meet strangers online and most importantly they seduce and I mean seduce. The devil has no conscience, let's remember that. I'm not saying every rape victim asked for it, I'm sorry if I sound like that and I pray that God will heal them of the trauma and pain, amen.

    1. Thank you Seun, for your time and perspective. I really do like it. However, can we define 'decency'? As people, we view things differently for sure and what some people consider decent is indecent to others.This is not to say ladies should outrightly seduce men with nude pictures or whatsoever activity. Every lady should be disciplined and moderate in appearance, likewise men should be disciplined enough to look the other way.


  7. Judge???...nothing justifies the cruel action of a's sheer barbaric,wickedness,cowardliness,weak and sick mental state of the perpetrator that is supposed attract punishment equating to that of a Murderer ,should be the focal point.
    -David Shaola

    1. I feel your passion @David Shaola and I completely agree that deserved punishment should be meted out!