Monday, 16 June 2014

If Music were a man

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If music were a man...

He'd have a million one-night stands
He'd be picked up at clubs, bars on the streets, in fact everywhere imaginable

He'd be romantic; take me on long walks

on the beach and kiss me in front of the whole world
He'd notice me in the crowd and for 3-5 minutes, I'd be the only girl stirring his blood...

He'd make love to me daily, while he whispers sweet nonsense in my ears
He'd be my best friend
He'd know exactly what to say to make me feel better

He'd have a kind word for every mood

The perfect lyrics to salve my every wound

He'd be eternal, able to touch me, no matter how old he is

He'd feel my emotions; my happiness, pain, even my hidden dreams

He'd be present at the most important events in my life

He'd be my solace after a long hard day, working my ass off in a place filled with strife

He'd smile at me and I'd get lost in the beauty that he is

He'd rock me and hold me tight as I cry myself to sleep...

He'd be there when I lose people I love and when I make new friends

He'd remind me of people and make me smile or cry accordingly

If music were my man...

He'd lie to me

He'd never be faithful to me

He'd never know I exist

He'd walk right past me

He'd leave the party with someone else...

I'd have to share music if he were my man

I'd be incapable of making him stay with me

He'd be the player I couldn't make fall in love with me

But still he'd be unable to hurt me deep  enough to leave him

Oh! if music were a man...

Post Credit goes to 'Tomilola Parker


  1. that's really awesome, nice combinations of words and all together smooth

  2. Nice one! Quite mindplosive... Boom!

  3. The verses were a reflection of great inspiration. Good job!

  4. The verses were a reflection of great inspiration. Good job!

  5. Hmmmm! I guess wishing is allowed. Lol! Nice one *smiles*

  6. Music, my first true love.....or was she?

  7. I have favorite artistes and none of them are male...he he he.

    1. *hehehehehe*
      Y na? You have a thing against them or what?

  8. I totally love this! I like the two contrasting sides it has... Awesome!

  9. Cool. If music were a man, I'll beat you up for him. Nice balance with the contrast. Seunabass

  10. I can't believe this was written almost half a decade ago!
    So deep and interesting read.