Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Behind these folds...

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Recently, a dear friend shared some stories with me; of a husband bored of his wife just after childbirth and wives who show disgust at the sudden increase in their husbands' 'bellies' and sizes. I'm no judge but the gist inspired this piece as I hope it strikes a chord within you...

Behind these folds…

Is strength, immense wealth, no stealth

Is focus, a genius, no puns

Is wisdom, a king’s son, no dumb

Is a nurturer, a sure builder, not destroyer

Is a warm giver, a care giver, not a gold-digger

Is a rare gem, a real femme, not of caustic tongue

Is a rare gem, a real gent, not of fist and icy words

Is a clear thinker, a fair judger, not a torturer

Is a an achiever, a detailed planner, never a quitter

Is a true lover, a faithful partner, never for once bitter

Is a genuine friend, who tends, never condescends

Is a good doer, a law abider, not a rules breaker

Is a fun lover, not a night crawler nor a party pooper

Behind these folds…

Is him

Is her

Is you

…and me

Mere fat. Blubbery substance

Not a definer of who we are

Behind those folds are beautiful minds

Go show some love


  1. thats very on point darling....
    Behind my fold........

  2. Yeah, right!
    All the same, it is important 'the woman' does the needful to maintain a good body structure... Child bearing should not make you become a hipo in 'woman-form'. Not all men understand.

  3. ...well as for "the man"...#lipssealed!
    But doesn't it show a sign of good living- courtesy the woman's food?#naughtyme

  4. How well I can relate to this. Somethings are better appreciated when experienced. Oyin, a very good head you've got on your shoulders.

  5. olugbesan adetunji17 June 2014 at 22:29

    So much about the "unwanted" adipose tissue. Why do we even arrogate so much attention and sex appeal to these folds.....these folds are medals-dat a battle was fought and won.

  6. Lovely article Oyin!! I love the flow&the depth of ur poem

  7. Like India Arie said 'I am not my hair. I am not this skin. I am the soul that lives within'. Lovely piece Oyin

  8. @ Bm - "a hipo in woman-form", you are a genius. You just gave me something else to think about. *dancing skelewu*

    Many thanks to everyone. I appreciate your time and the fact that you share your thoughts too.
    @ Tommielinggers - thank you
    @ Jonathan - you killed it with lyrics
    @ Tolulope - You've got some folds too? #naughtyme
    @ Adetunji - "medal-worthy folds"...hmmm
    @ Anon 6.36 - Many thanks. I appreciate
    @ Osiri - Thanks babe
    @ Osas- I can only sigh. Those are wisdom words backed by experience of cos

  9. Love yourself first and everyone else will do. I like India Arie and many of her songs are inspirational- my favourite is "Video"- it tells how you should love yourself conditionally. The lyrics are so relevant many years after. One thing we should know is we all grow bigger as we grow older except in rare cases but let's all stay fit and healthy.

  10. Beautiful thoughts raised. I agree too. Its not permanent. But while the imperfection is we still need to love. Pot bellies or folded tummies still need good loving. And.help get those back to form if that's our desire. Well done love

  11. "Fat thighs. Flabby arms. A pot belly still needs good loving"

  12. Really nice piece Oyin.
    Need I say more!?

    1. *yaaaaay*

      Guess who is here. See me curtseying, all for you ma'am. Welcome and thanks for the kind words.