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@ 30; Single and a Pariah? III

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The Monday Meeting usually followed with an evening buffet graced by 'meeting attendees' in one of the patio on the ground floor; only this time a larger crowd had gathered to celebrate a revered man; a usual tradition especially for long-serving employees.

Music blared from the twin speakers while the crowd buzzed and chatted away. Jed, Beatrice, Walter and Prisca are to be seen angled together in one corner each wondering in his and her mind if Dara knew.

“Do you think Dara knows what’s going on”, Prisca spoke up again ruling the conversation, asking the very question lingering in their minds.

“We are about to find…” was all the words Beatrice could form as their gazes traveled to the entrance where Austin was being ushered in, Dara trailing behind and angling to join the other four.

Klink. Klink. The sound of spoon against glass.

There was a great hush as Austin made his way to the extreme front to make a toast.

“I want to thank everyone for being here this evening”, he started, his smile reaching his eyes as they drifted over everyone in the room “It has been a great pleasure truly working with dynamic, bubbling and intelligent lot. I must confess a part of me hates to leave, but there comes a point in every man’s life when sacrifices are necessary” a long pause. “Permit me please to celebrate another of yours. I know today is your day Dara, I apologize for stealing the show”. He curtsied, with his smile still as broad. “Would you mind joining me up here?”

That moment of awkwardness when you feel stunned too.

“How does one reject her boss in the presence of so many people!” she muttered under her breath looking pointedly at Prisca; like she had all the answers in the universe!

Ten quick steps got her head-to-shoulder with her soon to be ex-boss.

An impregnable silence it was…

Austin cleared his throat.

“I have a special gift for you; it’s a simple poem I wrote and I hope you’ll like too”. He took a step closer, his presence mere inches away...

“It was there
And it was clear
My desire was bizarre

It was the choice from the voice
It was a confession
Which led to my decision
That decision which is now an addiction

Philos it was
Eros was the cause
Cupid was the god

'You know who’ is the love?” his voice a tad lower

“You Dara”.

His gaze reaching her every core as he held her left hand in his burly hands and turned to the crowd.

“Some of you probably guessed already what this is about, maybe you are right” he chuckled aloud. “Dara and I have been good friends for a while now, but today before everyone, I ask with joy in my heart that you marry me Dara. It took me all my willpower to keep from answering your calls today as I would have given myself away. Come share the rest of your life with me. Be my friend always. Let’s navigate life and love together…”

A shocked and perplexed Dara took several steps back, shaking her head ten times per second.

“I can’t. I’m sorry. I can’t. I just can’t. I don’t do love. I can’t do love”, she chanted as she ran pass agape mouths and bewildered looks leaving a behind a flustered Austin….

***I hate to do this to you again! But I must continue another day...soon enough don't you worry***

 I got ya ;-)

"What was that about back there"? Prisca demanded angrily as she caught up with a crying Dara in the ladies. She couldn't shake off the buzz and confusion that trailed them...

You mean you just looked at the poor man in the face and said a blatant 'NO'? 

Dara couldn't find the right words, she only knew she needed to go home. Find solace in the comfort of her bed and hopefully not regret.
"Take me home please. Is anyone by the door?"

"Not that I know of but you should know Austin wouldn't let you leave. At least stay to talk with him, we all don't understand your reason(s) for this. Is there even one Dara? That man adores you..."

"So why is it that I'm the last person to find out? Apparently you knew about this and didn't even hint me. This could have been avoided you know?"


"Have you ever been in love Austin? Horrible isn't it? I can imagine that's the way you feeling now. It makes you so vulnerable, opens up your chest and heart and messes you up. Love takes you hostage. It eats and leaves you crying in the darkness. It hurts". 

"I'm sorry you had to make all these sacrifices with high hopes, i just wish you had told me or asked in a place more private. I like you enough as my friend but I just can't as a partner. We can't work".

"You haven't told me why you think we can't work Dara...does this have anything to do with tribe?"

"No, it doesn't. I have a partner Austin...a very steady partner of ten years and it's a SHE".


  1. Wow, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseee this was .....................

  2. I're speechless, right? Thanks a lot for reading and taking time to drop a comment :D

  3. Are you kidding me!?
    So she a lesbo!?

    1. Bloody waste of fine specimen, you reckon? Who would have thought! *hehehehehehe*

  4. Thou I didn't follow from the beginning, Oyin I never know you are a good writer

    1. I try my sister :-) You can follow the links from the opening lines to read the previous stories...

  5. The few pages I read is quite interesting. Good one. ....

  6. Babe, Na wa o! I totally agree on the bloody waste of fine specimen after I was beginning to fall in love with Austin and thanking God for Dara, silly gal! Great suspense Oyin!

  7. Hmmm... Bloody waste of what would be a thrilling suspense romance, no doubt. Just musing...

    1. YaaaaY...guess who is here, Temilaw himself!

      So you think I shouldn't have nipped the story at that point or you referring to the romance that could have evolved?

  8. Maybe if you had gone ahead, maybe...... The babe was just too hot for such and all that crying was for what sef? Seun

  9. Maybe if you had gone ahead, maybe...... The babe was just too hot for such and all that crying was for what sef? Seun

  10. Ok, this wasn't the end i envisaged! OMG! You are good like that girl