Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Patsy’s Palsy

Posted by Oyinlola Sobowale on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 in , | 2 comments

A close fall. A near fall

Her hand to her left, at the quickening of her breath

Voice caged. Vocal cord strained

Shortness of breath. Her lungs hungry for air

She longs to be heard as she points ‘seemingly’ to the bed

The voice in her head screaming, “Please look there”

Frantic mother comes scurrying in, pushing aside the helpless sis…“baby please gesture well so I can know where”

“my eyes have scanned the corners, still no sign of your breather”

Mother takes another step in the direction of her angel’s outstretched hand…’the only good hand’

A steeper topple of the bed, down below, beneath the spring that holds the mattress, she reaches to find the artificial air enclosed in the red concealer called inhaler…

You see, Patsy’s physical condition is a bit severe

A cerebral Palsy from birth

Her pulmonary too obstructed

Aged thirteen, still her walking is impaired. Her speech snared  

Her eyes struggle to adjust to everything else

Only one good hand is left, the functional ‘tool’ that controls her power wheelchair

Lost to her are the fanfares of teenage years

The pretty dresses and the fun times at the seamstress’

A trip with daddy to Nassau Veterans

And all the giddy girly-talks and laughs

Patsy’s plays end with her good hand in the air, a chuckle here, a chuckle there, all in her motorized wheelchair

Even daddy can’t hide the wetness on his face even though he pretends like they are beads of sweat

But for Patsy’s beautiful angelic face and smile, family and friends will never regret her birth

Still an adorable child no doubt…
Writer's note- My heart goes out to every 'Patsy' around the world; to their carers and loved ones. May you ever find strength to give the required care, never faltering and the strength to be able to deliver such care lovingly.


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