Saturday, 12 April 2014

Hero Worship or Hunk Ogling???

Another look at my bedroom wall, I see him starring back at me with a smile so enchanting like his bewitching eyes. My girls and I would stay up all night, twittering and blathering about all the other chaps who don’t measure up. These are the real men; our dashing hunks with million bucks.!

Our diaries are filled with our many dreams and hopes of what we will do when we finally meet our Mr Heroes.

Tyler is mine for sure, Chestnut is Isioma’s…

Our tiny bedrooms with walls built of mud yet we fill the little wallspace with the latest posters after every trip to the big city. With our adhesives and akpu it is difficult to make them stick, so we get some fine long nails and drill them in.

Isioma and I are the closest of the six lot; thank fate our likes differed from the very beginning else we would have fought tooth and nail over Tyler and I dread to lose my BFF. Onome and I are sworn enemies because she likes Tyler too. I hope I meet him first, I’m sure I’ll keep him too. Destiny, Rita and Priye can combat over the others as long as it isn’t my Tyler.

It’s been 3 straight years now, our account balance is still insufficient…the one in the bank, under our pillows and even that which we keep with nne. We scrape and save every penny just so we can travel to 'obodo oyinbo' to finally meet our heroes, watch them at a movie premiere or just boldly knock on their brass doors with a firm hypnotising smile planted on our faces and maybe edikainkong dish-laced with the almighty 'love portion' in our hands.
I ain’t exactly a movie buff but for Tyler I became one…and maybe I don’t qualify to be described as one still because all I ever watch on my pop’s 47” series 4+ Plasma TV( a recent gift from my big sis in the city), are his movies and interviews.

My Hero is the best.

His scripts and casts are the finest.

Okay, truth be told his dashing looks and lanky suit were my first attraction which for a girl as young as me is absolutely normal right?

Tomorrow I’ll stand before other girls of 31 in SS 2D to share my poem about my hero; why I chose him and how he inspires me. I’m excited already but I hope our class teacher Ms Faith will not get so interested in Tyler and make the trip to Atlanta before me…after all she is more mature, prettier and richer...lest I end up like this!