Friday, 7 February 2014

Vanguard Of The New Order

Posted by Oyinlola Sobowale on Friday, February 07, 2014 in | 3 comments

My heart bleeds every time I am stuck in traffic, not that the state of being in traffic is surprising or saddening as I have come to enjoy those moments especially in my new Audi A3 1.6 TDI Ultra,(it is the only time I get to sit in the car and people notice me anyways...*grins!*)

The disheartening part for me is realising that with thousands of stuck Nigerians in the ‘tortuous endurance’ is a wailing ambulance.

Sirens blaring, the young man is probably gasping, drawing on his last breath; even if it’s never that life threatening, someone is aching and needing immediate attention. Yet we find officers of the law milling around, eyes turned westward, eastward…just another ward away from the distressed bus.

Still on the same road, as people pray that by some miracle the traffic eases, then the road clears but for all the wrong reasons…armed men on foot with their whips dancing in the air, marching and running ahead shouting commands as they go.

 Alas! In 10 seconds, there in view is a cleared path for these set of cars…all healthy men but in government plated cars.

Wear me a uniform let me stand

Proudly in the full glare of the world carrying arms

Toting gun for a good cause never for hoodlums

I’ll clear the streets in the city only for the gentle cries, loudly heard as the wailing ambulance

Find me more patriots, let’s man every road

Not necessarily with guns but sure if it’s our only hope.

Pathetic as it may sound, some people don’t actually care. Read the caption…it says EMERGENCY



Extremely needs to

Receive medical attention

Give way please

Entrusting my life into your hands dear

Nigerian, as this

Can become irreversible if delayed

You should do your part by making way…willingly!


  1. Beautifully written. Keep it up. Your #1 fan

  2. you are an inspiration to someone you know...despite all dat happened...

  3. @ Anon 24/02: Thank God for our lives. I'm sure you an inspiration to someone too...