Sunday, 23 February 2014


Posted by Oyinlola Sobowale on Sunday, February 23, 2014 in | 2 comments
East to West
South to East
Running over plains, zooming across lanes
This is who I am...a marathon runner
I sprint across metres, I go beyond borders
No wonder I am crowned king...yes in my town I am the king of tracks
Everyone knows I am the fastest, the strongest and the surest.
I have been doing this since age 5...I mean it's easy, isn't
I only need to run across level field 

Along the way I have made new friends...
See here my friend "self glorification," "complacence," "pride," "overconfidence" "insensitivity"....
(Bells ring from outside)
So it's time for my annual race.
A new price at the end of this phase
My kit set and my shoe laced
(whistle blows)
thumping sound. clack. clack. clack. Heavy sigh!
I'm at the finish line only there is no line
I see the price but it's set above
What trick can I employ to reach this thereof
My old way involved only plains...
(thinking aloud) This new way requires a different grace...
(Then the Angel says)
"yes my son a different grace,
Run a new race devoid of these weights,
Take up my yoke for my yoke is kindly,
See the weight I take up is not woody,
Receive grace to scale mountains,
Receive grace to break all chains,
Receive grace to reach that price..."
   A higher level is the tag...
(Written and performed for Christword Christian Centre, Ogudu)


  1. I guess we all go thru life carelessly making new "friends" along the way that weigh us down, making the journey treacherous...if only we learn to give them up and taste Weightlessness

    1. @ enigma: I completely agree with and this ought to be a continuous process for everyone. Pause and reflect, identify and shed every weight. Thanks for checking in.