Thursday, 30 January 2014

21st century Eve

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(Thy Tempest)
    On a windy night
Comes he with a steamy might

With a body made only for a goddess
I blow hot air slowly through panting lips...longing for his sweet caress
Trying hard to resist, this sinful hot body, trying to desist
But every line, nerve in my body wants him and persists
My clad breast rise and fall with a deepened need
My hair falls over my shoulder with a shudder,my desire kneads 
He is a ‘he’ I shouldn’t have….
A he with a staedy half...
"Give yourself a break with what you shouldn’t have” rolled the blue eyed demon inside my head,  with horns and a fiery fork
“Yes you shouldn’t” whispered the angel on the other end,
But here I stand, before him,
At his touch, goose bumps ride all over my skin,
His fingers to mine feels like kins,
As the breeze blows my dress it billows,
His gaze narrows,
Me I swallow,
A silent gulp.
He has at home….another
But I’m not bothered,
Can’t even remember ….is it Racheal, Tricia, Anita or Bernedicta?
I bite the apple…his tongue wet my lips
I moaned…oh what wetness!
The angel in my head screamed, “You just an Eve!”
The devil calmly replied, “Yes she's an Eve…but wouldn’t be the first, just one of the twenty-first century”
Before he could finish, my dress falls around my feet….
I stood as the first woman once did…naked!

They think I’m Adam?
Oh no! I am Nathan, your regular hominin Neanderthal
The woman in my loins beckons,
Before me she stands like the golden queen always to be reckoned
The woman in my heart calls….
Her last words as my car hit the gravel forms,
“Nathan, drive carefully,” she bade me farewell as I zoomed off on an assumed trip
Her words in my head, another’s face nonetheless
A quick trip around the city
In my kinky state I exceeded the limits
My car dumped, another hopped
Straight back to the city gates I drove unstopped
Brought me back just next door to this jolly Miss
Under the very nose of my own Mrs
Two steps forward took me in,
To her alcove we playfully called our sexual ‘sinnk’
She bit the apple
My tongue wet her lips
She moaned….what wetness!
My body alive to her sultry looks
Deftly her hands worked around me in a sensual tease
My body alive to her undeniable expertise
And now her I stand, naked!
She is a “she” I shouldn’t have
A classic twenty-first century Eve I couldn’t unlatch!


( Thy Tempest is an amazing lady with a large heart. she spits rhymes as she expresses life's ways and wails. You can follow her on-



  1. Beautiful words.....Storyline was created with a great level of artistry.....

  2. words that tend to the soul, they are deep and stir d loins...awesome lines, great blend o

  3. @ jaj'd'megadon: I see you mate but please be careful and be sure that it doesn't go beyond stirring...*winks winks*
    @ roymorah: my thanks comes with a blush, if only blacks could.
    @ Parker: lips sealed.

  4. WaooooH....
    This is mindsplosive..wants more

    1. ...and more you shall get! just subscribe by entering your email to get updates on latest posts. :-)